What it’s like to work on Overwatch as a concept artist

Someday I’d defs like to be apart of the team in, whether as a concept artist or otherwise. Too bad it’s all USA based so applying as an Aussie isn’t really applicable.

Well, you’re not wrong. Only new thing we’re getting these days are skins, sprays and maybe a highlight intro or emote, so yeah, art team is doing all the carrying.

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The only reason I actually still bother to login for events.

Said it before and I’ll say it again as much as I may hate the game balance of this game, I would never talk bad about the artist cause they do some amazing work on this game and I hope there is an OW2 artbook!


as an aspiring concept artist i love seeing articles like these!! <3

Thank you Daryl, thank you Qiu for assisting OW become a sight for sore eyes!

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I love the art style and everything, overwatch itself inspires me to keep drawing, and one day im thinking of becoming a concept artist!! Ofc when im like waaay older.

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activision made 1.2 billion on micro transactions alone in one quarter but they pay garbage to the people that actually put their heart and soul in the game. stop buying lootboxes.