What is your incentive to play?


I have fun playing with my brothers


I am in bad health condition, so i need to play a game like this to be concentrated by hours and not thinking about my life



as much as i critizise OW, i still like the game, thats why im so critical of it


meh, im bored and there isnt another game that piques my interest yet. UT4 would’ve been it but Epic, as usual, dropped the ball on it to focus on fortnight and gears… im not spending half as much time as i did last year. im guessing that by the end of this year, i wont be playing it at all …


I honestly couldn’t tell you. I really don’t know why I play this game.


I play bfor one thing and one thing only, to make that SR go up, i dont care about fun or feeling i juat want to win and SR go up and get better ranks


Having fun. If it’s anything else then that’s a problem.


I’m almost to gold portrait so I can lord it over plebs before it gets too common.


Don’t get too excited, a gold border is what people use against you every game that you lose. It can get annoying after a while.


Getting my gold guns for D.Va at the end of season, after that im not so sure :sweat_smile:


I’ve been trash talking before some of these people were born. Also I mute and report frequently.

Life goes on.


Honestly? Cosmetics. I really like the skins, and emotes, and all that stuff. I’m a bit of a collector, when it comes to stuff like that, so I enjoy leveling up, opening boxes, and then either getting new items or coins to purchase new items. It’s fun for me.

Honestly, I rarely play any game “just for fun”. When I fire up again, I always have some objective in mind. Maybe it’s to get a certain achievement, beat a certain level, or unlock new items, or whatever, but I almost always play with a purpose in mind.

Been gaming that way for over 20 years, even since I was a kid. I grew up on stuff like Pokemon, though, which was a very objective base game. Get the badges, collect pokemon, level them up, all that good stuff. I, rarely, pick up a game just to “goof around”. Only game I can say I really do that with is something like GTA. There’s times I’ll fire up a game like that, just to grab a vehicle and drive around a few things for a while. But that’s rare


Awe, you beat me to it.


I still have fun.


am bored. video gaem fun


To T-bag people with Ana and make all Doomfist players tilt of the face of the Earth of-course.

Edit: And to sleep dragon-blades, that’s my favorite one.


The reason I keep playing is because I love to learn new stuff, this game is so complex, every hero has their own way to play.

I started with Mercy, I got to 4.4 in season 16 with her after basically mastering every aspect of her kit, then I started playing Widowmaker and Pharah on my DPS account and peaked at 4k two tricking them, then I added Hanzo to the mix and did the exact same with him, now I’m working on Ana. Just went from 3k to 3700 with a 70% winrate learning more and more how to play the hero.

Learning all of the cool concepts in this game keeps me hooked.

And honestly, even after 2400+ hours in this game, I still feel the same way now as I did when I first got the game.


Not into another game right now besides Sims 4 so I come here when I want some more action-y game play. At least until a new game comes out.


Log in - get frustrated - log off

Feels like something is missing.

Log in - get frustrated again - log off

Rinse repeat.

Pointless? I don’t care. No other games like OW to me.

However will definately change ship if there is truly a competitor to this game.


Hammond and Ashe overall.