What is wrong with matchmaking

So I’m doing my tank placements I ended last season mid plat and my first placement match was low bronze?!?!


that’s a big yikes from me bro


Sounds like you had one teammate who was bronze LAST SEASON grouped with someone diamond+ LAST SEASON since grouping restrictions don’t apply to placements. Seeing as how you placed Plat since you posted that, that appears to be the case. You can’t assume the rank of the entire team just because only 1 person has a public profile.


but it does apply. (unless fresh-never-placed accounts.)

I believe you can group unrestricted at 2999 (previous season) or below, or if one or more player is unplaced. But they’ve changed it so I’m not 100%. Either one of these could have been the case though.

I’d never assume but there were 3 people on my team and 2 on enemy team that were placed in bronze after the first game it all went back to normal

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