What is this thing?


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Any ideas?

Known issue with zarya
(Denis Genest) #2

Full disclosure, it was one of the funniest bugs I had seen in a while; basically Zarya’s body got smooshed up into her torso while her reload animation played. Fortunately for Zarya, but unfortunately for everyone curious to see it, the fix was verified yesterday before we pushed to PTR, and I just forgot to remove that line from the known issues list.

Known issue with zarya
Can someone explain this to me?

Awwww did you guys at least get a chance to record the bug?


The one bug I would’ve actually wished to see!


Can’t deny that I’d like to see the results that just once especially considering the timing for Halloween. :joy:


Video, or it didn’t happened.

(Denis Genest) #7

I posted an update in the General Discussion thread about this since it isn’t really a bug anymore, and we should keep the Bug Report forum for just that, but it felt rude to keep you all in the dark, so you can find the update linked here.

Thank you all for taking the time to come here and post your bugs when you do. We can’t reply to every thread, but we sort through everything sent our way, and it is a huge help in finding and squashing issues that slip out the door.


We want a video at Blizzcon plssssss