What is the zenyatta nerf?


Can someone please explain? I haven’t been on the PTR yet and ppl are talking about zen nerfs.


Lower fire rate on his right click (15%).


You can’t charge up your alt fire as quickly after the first volley


From what I understood, his damage output is what’s being nerfed.


Okay thank you all for your answers :slight_smile:


Nope. Just the charge rate on his right click. It really does not mean much unless your Jjonak


It’s not the charge rate, but the speed of the projectiles is slower.


The projectile speed on his alternate fire is slower.


The time between each ball of his secondary shot has been slightly been increased resulting in a slower fire rate of his secondary fire.

I have no idea why some people are saying his charge time, damage or projectile speed has been nerfed, but this is completely wrong.