What is the point of brig?

So, i’m guessing a huge tracer nerf coming in? Cause she isn’t a tracer counter anymore and reducing her shieldbash damage by 90% is gutting her dualing potental.

Nice to see the devs caving in on crying players.


Finally devs realized cc is killing the game.


she still counters flankers, she just doesn’t get easy kills on them anymore.


She doesn’t counter genji, she kept him in check.

She half countered tracer (any mediocre tracer can stand away from her) but now thats completely blown of the face of the earth.


Considering her armor is on a CD or ult, she’s a worse Lucio now.


that’s what countering means.

“she cant kill therefor she is bad” no.


A ‘counter’ is a match up in which 1 hero has a better chance at winning the duel.

McCree vs pharah is a counter fight. He not only keeps her in check, but he can reliably kill her.

Brigitte vs genji is a VS. fight. they can both equally out play one and other without having better dueling odds on one of the heroes.


and if brig is “keeping genji in check” it means she has a better chance at winning that duel.

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Kind of agree with this, but hopefully they will boost it up a little, at least closer to a melee.


She’s keeping him in check by this wonderful thing called “intimidation”

Why dive in for a support pick of you have a good chance of getting stunned and called out?

If its a 1v1 fight, he has range and mobility, she doesn’t. Then its based on skill, baits, and plays.

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you mean like any healthy counter play matchup?


Well if you want to be technical, they didn’t actually remove any CC from her :slight_smile:


If this is on top of the no bashing through shields nerf, you can say goodbye to Brigitte entirely.


she can still force tracer to recall or risk being at 10 hp, don’t act like hard counter was the only thing that brig had against tracer… she’s a natural counter too, what this change does is give tracer a tiny bit of space to act, literally if she takes 0.6 seconds too long to recall you’ll connect another hit and she’ll be dead


To be fair, putting a Brig against a Genji isn’t too one sided.

Genji is mobile, has range and is dodgey(with jumps).
Brig is slower, but has a shield, stun, and can self heal( if she can connect 1 hit).

As long as Brig has her shield and can hit him to heal, she can at least live awhile against him solo.

Both have to still be careful around each other. One can overwhelm the other if they get lucky, but there isn’t a clear winner in a 1v1 for them.

As for Tracer and Brig, well…it’s not like Brig could one shot Tracer normally(pre change) anyway and Shield Bash kinda gets negated if it’s 1v1 and Tracer has Recall. This matchup wasn’t super heavy for Brig, but it was more dangerous for Tracer…and still kinda is.

But that’s what teammates are for…to help secure kills.
You aren’t always with a teammate, but you aren’t always in a 1v1 either and in a game like this…you’re gonna have a teammate around most of the time.

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Brig absolutely could reliably kill Tracer before, I don’t know where this idea is coming from or why it’s so prevalent on these forums. Bash+melee+whipshot killed her before she could recall. If you couldn’t handle that combo, these nerfs should be the least of your concern.

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She can combo kill

50 from shield bash + 35 from a single hit + 70 from whip shot = 155 dmg done in less than a second thanks to animation cancel

but yes, it is still dangerous to Tracer since now you have to reduce 45 dmg from that combo for a total of: 110 dmg, two more hit and she can kill Tracer, effectively extending the time it takes to combo kill for a whooping 1.2 seconds lol, she’ll be more than fine

edit: bad math lul


Those these changes are a great start I believe that this is changing her in a way different then what players are wanting. What should happen with brig is keep the 50 damage so that she still counters flankers (which is her point) but instead reduce her survivability so that she cant be an absolute tank (which is also increasing because of these healing buffs). If you take away her 50 armor then she will be much easier to kill in certain situations that other heros would. Overall these changes are just encouraging Goats the main problem.

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Brigitte will be the worst hero in the game… what does she add anymore? Literally nothing. Increase shield health back to 600 and shield bash back to 5 seconds and maybe she will be fine.


Brig’s nerf doesn’t make her useless and doesn’t make tracer op. Now there are options of counterplay from both of them while keeping brig a good defense against tracer. This is a good change.