What is the Point in the New Comp Mode Style in Experiment Again?

Just seems it makes the mode more clunky and disruptive, I dont see the point in breaking it up mid game like that.

It’s just for people to see what the devs have been testing and for fun

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Ah okay. I was a bit worried there lol.

Just tried it today so. I was thinking they already made changes to make sure defenders are at the 2nd point in time.

I honestly think the snowballing problem isn’t that bad on 2CP (not in that it’s not prominent because it is, but I don’t think it’s a problem gameplay or fun wise and is a part of the fun and challenge of the game and game mode) and worse on payload and hybrid where trickling is the true problem and you get a constant slow roll of ults to decimate you. I get feeling bad that you got rolled on 2CP, but it feels amazing doing the rolling sometimes.

Molly Fender made a thread going into some detail on what they were trying to accomplish, how it worked out in testing, and why this is a “failed” experiment (i.e. will not go live in its current form):

Thanks!!! Appreciate you posting this.

snowballs happen in all the game modes…i think its overblown…

and aside from the middle sector…assault is very similar to escort/hybrid maps…noone ever seems to complain about those maps though

Exactly. I think it’s a reward for good play and punishes poor play. Playing poorly shouldn’t feel good and I don’t think it needs to be mitigated.