What is the point in paying for a battle pass?

What is the point in paying for the chance to own items? Is it like Halo MCC where you can complete the tracks whenever you like? Or what?

I’ve heard something like “If you pay for Overwatch’s pass, you get a 20% xp boost for the pass”, but why not just let me keep the pass? What is the point to pay for the privilege of working for a battle pass?

Why would anyone want to? What is so valuable that you’d want to pay for a CHANCE to receive an item?


Blizzard is always right.

Pretty low effort attempt coming from you. Is this one of the things where even the trolls/bootlickers can’t really defend the company’s choice in an adequate way?

Which, to be honest, I always find that situation the most…troubling.


There is none. It’s pointless and there will be a reckoning. People will uninstall this game and never return.

No, if you do not finish on time, you either cut your losses or pay the extortion fee to complete it.


Pretty much, I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to OW2 since I have lots of IRL things eating up my time. I am literally only looking forward to the PvE update in 2023. Here’s hoping it is just one lump sum purchase upfront.

There’s no point in spending money on anything in a F2P game. You could lose your entire account just because the servers close or being false reported by salty 4 stacks. You miss out on rewards you paid for just because you don’t have enough free time to grind the game for multiple hours per day.

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Sense of pride and accomplishment.


This can’t be real. Nobody really feels pride and accomplishment after paying to spend hours doing mindless tasks for valueless rewards, do they?

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Sure they do, ask EA.

So popular on Reddit that it has 667,670 downvotes.


I feel relief after finishing a horrific BP grind. Does that count as accomplishment?

I mean, the sad part is that it’s actually true. Motivation psychology shows that completing tasks (however stupid or pointless they may be…) motivates people to stay engaged.

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I usually just check out once things start feeling like a grind. This whole FTUE thing is going to be a real barrier for me…

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Straight awful. I’d actually buy battle passes if I just kept them forever, but I could never imagine willingly paying for something that I’d then have to earn.


With the battle pass you purchase an obligation to play X hours within Y days. If that doesn’t sound like a good deal then you clearly don’t like OW. Just admit it!