What is the most amount of SR you can lose in COMP?

Is it possible to lose over 100 SR in a game when you have a gold, silver and bronze medal on your team and you didn’t leave until after the DEFEAT screen. Our team got rolled, no question, but that is just how COMP seems to be, you get rolled or you do the rolling.

Just curious if that is typical?

There can be triple digit losses (or gains) of skill rating, but this only occurs when the game is no longer sure you belong at your current rank. This typically happens when someone is on an extremely bad losing streak. The reason why this can happen is how fast your actual hidden MMR is moving and the SR eventually has to try to catch up.

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EDIT TO BELOW COMMENT AFTER PLAYING ANOTHER GAME: Just a follow up, I gained a crap ton of SR in the following game. I was under the impression it was more like 25 up, 25 down give or take a few. I didn’t think it had 100 SR plus swings.

Thanks for that info.

I did my placement with five games for DPS the other day. Lost all of them and likely do to my team suffering leavers in every game up to 3 leavers in one. Gave me a high silver. Never played COMP until this year so I have stuff to learn.

Today I played one game and we won. It was a grind but we won.
The second game I lost 100 SR and had decent medals, gold, silver and a bronze. Probably doesn’t mean a whole lot but it tells me, at least compared to my team, I put some work in. Our whole team just got completely rolled that game though.

So basically I have a total of 7 games played and they dropped me 100 and change SR in one game, just seems extreme considering the placements games all were uneven team but the still put me in silver. One game it was 3 vs 6.

Just seemed extreme to me for a single game. Just reinforces that idea that it isn’t really individual skill, it should be renamed carry skill meaning you have to be good enough to carry five players or you get demoted.

I do find your information about these swings quite interesting. You appear to have a very seasoned account (XP level 300+) so seeing these swings is curious.

I strongly recommend taking the time to document the next few games, try to think about what heroes/role you are playing. Make any notable events of each match (leavers, your general performance, etc.). Maybe there might be a pattern.

That being said, I strongly encourage anyone to read the full details of how SR can fluctuate from this guide:

I played a year or so ago but only QP. I took at least a year off, might have been closer to two year. This is the first year I did COMP. So seasoned in a very casual QP, yes. It was probably about 3 weeks give or take that I started playing again. Last time I played before that RQ and Hero bans didn’t exist.

Unless previous QP games has anything to do with COMP, my history shouldn’t matter but I really don’t know much about it.