What is the general consensus on how Mercy should be adjusted?

I was waiting for someone to say this. There’s the problem.
No one can set their mind on one idea, so we have come to a standstill.

Delete res, replace it with an ability that prevents a death instead. Like a short duration barrier, or immunity, or buff that pops upon taking fatal damage and heals them. Whatever. It needs to be visible, and proactive. Not retroactive like res.

Move pistol to alt fire so it’s always available. Weapon swap changes beam colors instead.

Boom. Mercy fixd.

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Nothing general about Mercy opinions.

No bloody idea cause atm everybody it seems that everybody is agreeing that she is not good but people have very different ideas on it. imo I’d say another rework

Its her ult, and her healing output.

  1. Her ult is very unimpactful and needs to be changed.
  2. Her healing output is relatively low for a main healer.

At least thats what I got from both sides.

The irony about Mercy mains being a hive mind is that no one knows what exactly to push for.

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“Hive mind” is a term I disagree with because of this reason alone. Humans are so individual that such a uniformity in ideas is impossible.

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No healing buffs until she actually has to sort of aim her healing. Even Moira has to actually look in their direction at least.

…So does Mercy, to attach the beam to the target…? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Her healing beam should be buffed to 55hp

Its pretty divided. Some want Mercy reverted to how she was, some want a revert with tweaks, some want a completely new rework whether that be with or without res and some want her deleted entirely. Theres no general consensus when it comes to balancing Mercy.

IMO Mercy should get a revert with tweaks or new rework with res as her ult. its the best and safest way to change her so that she’s balanced, fun, and still has her identity preserved.


Lol, technically correct. Which is the best kind of correct.

Well, most Mercy’s on the forum want either a revert or a rework.

Which means something completely different will happen.

You can’t make everyone happy, people are different after all.

That being said, there’s this thread by Titanium which includes a proposed rework and has 1600+ Likes as of this writing, which is probably as close as you’re going to get in terms of consensus.
Of course, the developers won’t respond to it so it’s unlikely we’ll ever see it in action.

While I generally disagree with most of what I have read from you about Mercy (like the post a few after the one I just quoted with Mercy having to aim her beam or else she shouldn’t get back up to 60hp/s - which has never been a problem for people until she got the nerf and suddenly everyone thinks that 60hp/s has always been way too much) but this is exactly what I’ve been adovcating for as well.

A proactive ability, like the buff that prevents lethal damage and heals them instead for a certain percentage of their maximum health but so that they’re not immediately out of danger completely. Make that an AoE with a small cast time similar to Lucio’s ult and you have a great, proactive support ultimate that feels impactful because it’s value is not drawn out over 15 seconds like Valkyrie is. Make her “Heroes never die!” voice line finally make sense again. I’d also love it as just an E ability as well though.

For an E I’d like something like a buff that lasts like 2-3 seconds and spreads the damage they take during that time over the next 4-6 seconds as damage over time. I think that’d feel good for her with how consistent her healing is applied. She’s a doctor who is supposed to ease the pain of her allies, and it’d be more interesting than a straight up damage reduction.

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The mercy community is kind of split between wanting mass Rez back or removing Rez all together.

Personally I would rather Rez be removed and give her a new iconic ability. Maybe one that actually fits “heroes never die” and her doctor aesthetic with an ult that keeps a hero or all heroes from going below 1 HP for a very short duration. Maybe just one (whoever she is pocketing currently) to keep it from being too OP.

To put it short. Mercy needs something other than res.

If you think about it, any changes to other parts of her kit will just make her OP. Healing changes will never be balanced, itll always be Op or Up. Mobility changes is one thing but i dont think she needs that. Res is just too niche of an ability. Forces mercy to leave the fight for 3-4 seconds at a time risking her life, which is why most mercys rarely use the ability.

Compared to an ana nade, res is kind of useless.

In conclusion, change her however you want, just remove res and add something else.

Here’s the reality as I see it.

  • Mass Rez will not come back, but many players won’t let it go.
  • The Mercy community overall is attached to all of her tools (consistent healing, mobility, unique utility), so there’s no room for substantial design work without even more backlash from sub-groups.
  • Blizzard will not invest the resources into another rework against this much resistance when they have the player support for work on other Heroes like Reaper and Bastion.

Basically, Blizzard isn’t going to bother with Mercy at this stage unless there’s some true consensus, which there will not be in the near future because it’s such a big issue.

General concensus is another rework.

Even people who want a revert are still technically asking for a rework (since a revert would imply tweaking mass rez and sometimes asking for a different e ability)

In general people dont like rez on cd

I think the community is split into different categories. I believe the most vocal opinions on her are as follows:

  1. There are people who want a Revert.
  2. There are people who want a Rework.
  3. There are people who think she needs minor tweaks.
  4. There are people who think she is fine.

While I am in the number one category, I personally think that having people who differ in my view is a good thing. I think it’s unhealthy for a community to be unanimous in one way or the other in terms of her current state, and being open minded to a difference in opinion would really help the devs determine a solution that appeals to everyone, not just one group.

Personally, I think some type of Revert + Rework / Revert + Tweaks would be the best solution for her, and the kit suggested by Titanium is what I would be most happy with. My opinion. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.