What is Mercy's role?

She is not much of a healer, not much of a DPS, and definitely not a tank… So, what is her role in the battlefield? Why would I pick her over anyone else?
Zenyatta is basically a better Mercy in every sense (other than he cannot rez and lacks mobility) and every other healer can heal more than her, her DPS is overshadowed by almost any other DPS, and she is far too squishy to really take a hit, even with her automatic self healing. I do not mean for this to be another NERF or BUFF Mercy thread, but I am honestly confused about how to/why would I play Mercy now.


Her role is to get nerfed by Blizzard instead of just reverting her like they should have a long time ago.


Her role is puching bag

On a real note, shes a rezbot atm


Zenyatta is not a beter healer than Mercy outside of Trance…dont exaggerate.

Mercy is meant for low skill ceiling players.


Please stop it with these threads…

I’m a Mercy main and I can tell you her healing is still steady, constant and goes through barriers SO SHE’S STILL OKAY AS A HEALER LOL

This is just getting out of hand and I really want you all to stop it and get along


She has the unique role of community scapegoat.


She’s meant to be used for high mobility, consistent healing.


Let’s not get carried away. She is still a pretty good healer with great mobility and a lot of utility.

Zen is currently better overall, but their roles are very different and they have completely different strengths.


She s a main healer whose value right now comes much from her utility: rez. She s still got consistent healing and good mobility tho

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k let’s ignore 50% of those replys as they’re just “mERcY :’(”.

Mercy still has good heals but finally moira and ana can compete with her consistent beam.

She has great mobility and self regeneration. She has consistent heals AND 30% damage boost just WHENEVER (and people seem to just ignore the fact that she has ammo-less, aimless, consistent and goes through barriers DB).

Instead of carrying the entire team as the ultimate support character, she now is more suitable for pocketing high DPS (widow, hanzo, pharah, etc.) with her consistent DB/heals and very forgiving resurrect, while going quickly to sustain squishy characters.


According to blizz her role is consistent, high, but single-target healing with reliable mobility. But the reality is that you’re only gonna be picking Mercy for her rez. Nothing else in her kit can really compete with other the main heals in most situations.


damage boost, guardian angel, beam that goes through barriers and requires no aim and is consistent without ammo, self regeneration after 1 second of not taking damage, ultimate that adds chained-beam… yea resurrect is good… but her rest of her kit is also very good


healing nerf left her with less time to damage boost, guardian angel is still restricted to being team dependent, her beams need to go through barriers just like moira should be able to, self regen after 1 second usually doesn’t happen as people will continue to chuck poke damage at you, ultimate does that but now deals less damage and wont save your team and takes one of the last few enjoyable things about mercy which is beam management away for 15 seconds, and rez on e is a self stun that may or may not resurrect somebody if your team is smart enough to cover you or if the enemy team is dumb enough to leave you alone to rez alone (not to mention hide and rez is now the only way to pull it off)

lots of downtime and doing nothing but 1 to 3 buttons presses and then self stunning yourself and not being able to do anything for 1.5 seconds every 30 seconds.

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Whether that is still true I don’t know, but that is her intended purpose anyways.



I didn’t say her kit wasn’t good, but the pick and win rates show that in most situations Mercy can’t keep up with other healers (not saying this is a bad thing, just talking about her current position in the meta).

Like, listing off her abilities doesn’t really prove anything? It’s not an argument?

Extremely high healing output from infinite range, moderate damage from infinite range, AoE heal plus 50% heal buff for allies, 100% anti heal plus damage on enemies, the longest lasting cc ability in the game, ult with the highest burst heal in the game, plus maxed out damage reduction, plus 50% damage increase.

Not saying that Mercy can’t be a good pick or can’t provide value to her team, but objectively Ana or Moira are better in most situations

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She is the only support with efficient verticality, very good for two/3 floor maps where you have to follow allies in different heights quickly, ie a numbani, hollywood map… she heals more than zenyatta, and has stronger synergies with some heroes like phara or bastion, when supporting a bastion for instance its more efficient to give him dmg beam than discording every single target he attacks individually. She still has clear niches and roles, not really devs fault you lack creativity.

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Mercy still have the same place: Single target reliable healing with damage buffs, a res here and there. What makes her a good healer though is her mobility, which makes her much harder to kill than most healers and if you don’t die you can keep killing.
The primary target in a team fight are the healers so being harder to kill is a proper trait to a healer.

Main healer, off healer? There’s really no such thing for any of the support heroes, it’s how you will apply them that makes them main or off heals.
Lots of comps have different requirements, and the term main healer can even apply to a lucio.
But many apply the main healer role to Ana/mercy/moira but in reality they are all just healers, and people keep trying to patch up bad play with more healing.
A lot of people are RELIANT on that.
So her role would just be “Support” and what I would class her as is a dive support or a more evasive option for deathballing vs some team compositions due to her kits nature of being non linear being able to follow and move between low and high grounds. That and she has a non ultimate damage boost which can pair REALLY well with certain dps.

She is the most consistent healer, and nobody does it better.