What is Mercy's kit now?

Mercy has gone through so many changes I’m not sure what she does anymore? Does she still have the passive that heals low targets for more HP? I feel like every Mercy heal bots and heals for ALOT. I just came off a game where I was heal botting on Kiriko no deaths holding down heal whole time. Enemy mercy was always 2-3k heals above me. I was in shock. It feels to me her healing is not effected by dps passive.

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Valk healing is the answer. Fast building ult that heals the entire team for 60hps.

Your ult can heal but is likely used for kill potential more often.

Remove ults from the game and you’d put heal her by a decent margin.


Ahh yeah Valk. Especially if she pops it during my Rushes.


Mercy heals a flat 55 hps (or 44 hps to those affected by the DPS passive), the only changes to her healing rate are:

  1. Healing someone hit by a friendly Ana nade (82.5hps/66hps)
  2. Valk (60hps/48hps per ally in range)
  3. Both (90hps/72hps per ally hit by both Valk and Nade)

Rush, Amp Matrix, and Nano do not increase her healing rate at all.

She lost triage the season after it was introduced.
She does healbot a lot more now but it’s more to do with her healing needing more time to be effective and Boost being less effective versus higher healthpools than her having stellar healing. She’s like Bastion, almost always puts out a big number but often with questionable efficacy.


I wouldn’t worry about that. I’m more worried you’re healing botting on Kiri. She’s not in competition with Mercy or Lifeweaver for heals. Help your DPS out with kunai.


I say heal bot but I more mean I’m not going on a flank and weaving 1-2 Kunai between heals. MY team was constantly critical so I couldn’t flank.

Mercy’s kit is same it’s always been, hide behind wall and press one button while you ignore the rest of the game happening around you, occasionally pressing E to undo someone’s hard work to secure a kill. Only character in the game that doesn’t interact with the enemy at all and requires zero skill should just be deleted or at least banned from comp where people actually want to play the game and test their skills!