What is going on with this game?

I was literally gold 5, i won my 7 matches and ranked up from silver 5 to silver 1???
It literally showed gold as my current rank, i saw it last night and earlier as well.

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Trying posting in bug report forum, maybe we can get some traction.

People have been posting this somewhat a lot recently and it’s been posted in the bug report forum as well, but of course no response.

Was looking at the known bug list and just saw that they’re finally acknowledging that they broke alt+tabbing and that took awhile, so yeah.

Then again they also said this has been resolved and I just had this happen this evening so…

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Pretty sure these are matchmaking bugs that have been around since Overwatch 1, they’ve always been there it’s just now they’ve removed SR and are just showing a reflection of your MMR which reveals the bugs that have always been there. This matchmaker is a disaster, never seen anything like it.

Nothing is going on. That is the issue. Nadah.