What is Dae-Hyun's role?

Designated Friend Zone.

Forever friendzone OR love triangle with D.Mon. lol

It’ll never happen, but I don’t care what his role is as long as he ends up as a playable character some day. That would give me liiife

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Handy with tools and has a big spanner?

That’s how you get Tinntinitus

Now I can sleep better, knowing that D.VA’s mek has a name.


Friendzone guy who serves as a clunky exposition bot and time waster*

He’s gonna come out to Hana and be her gay best friend forever. ~teehee~

So, considering that per your lore, her original Mech practically scrap at the bottom of the East Sea, isn’t it possibly ‘Tokki II’ now, instead? :smiley:

The shippers don’t understand that meaning :stuck_out_tongue:.


I only saw him working with his computer. Most of his job must be automated. Or he must be good at software

He is a plot devices

Is d.va’s Story going to be rewritten? now its just aimless in every way.
from my conclusion this is what we know about the “Hana D.Va Song”:

she lost her parents.
she had a friend next to her since she was young [daehyun]
she did scary things in her life resulting 4 near death situations.
she did fight not one but two gigantic omnic mechs [Stated in the short, that she fought a week ago; her flying in the rain flashback.]
dont ask me why but she is asocial. she doesent want fame / glits glamour life; aswell i dont think she wants a relationship with anyone; wich is why the friendzone on the end of the cinematic.
she did develop PTSD due to the events of her life.
the d.va in the cinematic is not the d.va you see in the game. the d.va we see in the cinematic is a terrified 19yo girl that she has to work for the military. people mistunderstand the story “shes fearless and shows no mercy.”
Yeah she shows no mercy or fear in games because thats where u have multiple chances. The real “hana” doesent. She is simply lucky to survive all of the time.

He’s the character that says or implies “I have a bad feeling about this” before bad things happen to the main character(s)

He’s the guy in the chair.


So why don’t we see him working on her mech in the cinematic ?
The pilot works on her own mech more than her mechanic ?!

D.Va’s personal sissy boy, duh.

If they go full cliche on him, it will be like: he has the feelings but d.va doesn’t… until she has. And then they lived happily ever after.

Any chance Daehyun can be realized as a playable character?


Honestly, I love Dae-Hyun. Having him as a hero would be amazing.