What is Dae-Hyun's role?

Is that him and D.Va as children with the omnic that has the name ハナ printed on it? In the “Are You With Us?” teaser?

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How important is he in the story? Is he just a side character?


Can we get some insight on the personalities/dynamic of the other members in the Meka Squad?

Ok thank you. Will you be willing to answer more questions about the lore?

Just ask it so he can see it. He’s probably really busy and it might be easier that way

Lucio/Symmetra comic or short or haiku in the works? :kissing_heart:

Yeah but he might not respond because they are unrelated to D.va.

Yeah but you are asking him a question to ask a question instead of seeing if he will just respond. It kinda defeats the purpose. Lol

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True true true. It is more meant to be polite though.

Ha ha ha… His job is to fix the mech that D.Va already self-repairs. How worthless. I love him so much.


Based on the Shooting Star short, D.Va is doing his job for him then, in addition to her own responsibilities.


Would you be willing to answer the following questions before you go?

Will we ever learn more about Junkrat’s treasure?

Why did Pharah’s parents split?

What was in the box McCree found on that train?

Why does D.va like working on her mech even though she has a mechanic?

What destroyed the friendship between Jack and Gabe?

Who was that family Reaper was stalking at christmas?

How many founding members and former members of Overwatch have been killed by Reaper?

What happened to D.va’s parents?

What is the giant Kishin that Dva and the other Meka fighters fought? Is it a giant omnic or more of a mobile Omnium?

Are there more Meka pilots than just the ones at the base with D.va? In other words are there more Meka bases in Korea?


Guys we are talking about a flying suit and with a nuclear reactor that’s not a one mechanic or engineers job

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Is no one gonna talk about the fact D.Vas mech is names Tokki???

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Ik it’s so cute! I love it

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defense matrix was up for way longer than 2 seconds… kidding aside I loved it, more DVa lore please

Did Dae-Hyun ever have romantic feelings for D.va?

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You’re back?

What happened to you?

He seems to be the equivalent to an air traffic controller for the MEKA. Monitoring fuel levels (he had the readings DBLVa’s mech was bad off and the blips on the radar) and the like ie vital information to relat but the pikots are too distracted to track. Think Iron Man’s suit relayinf this to him acting as this role. This would explain his chagrin to being left out of the glory and revelry. He has an important role but not rewarded nor recognized. That’s my guess.

called it