What is 'cool' about new Symmetra? Why do people play her?

I like her Energy Balls, Sentry Turrets, and Photon Barrier. Haven’t tried her beam since the last buff, but Teleporter is still oftenly too clunky to get clutch usage out of.

Her alternate fire was the one thing I wish was in the game in any form, tbh. Just because it was hard to use doesn’t mean it was bad. This is coming from someone who actually likes new Sym, but just because you struggled to use a feature doesn’t mean it didn’t have a place in the game :confused:

Her gameplay style wasn’t for everyone but I’m praying they put in barrier piercing gun into the game again (no cooldown, firestrike/Moira orb doesn’t count).

i got these facts from gm sym mains btw so if you are calling me wrong you are calling them wrong ok cool you know more than gm sym mains

in Patch notes
beam damage to armor has been increased.
how did damage get less are sure ur ok?

Ok biased sym main gotcha :ok_hand:
How come I can farm people with sym on petra with legit just holding down one area using turret nests den and before you say coz ur rank is bad i am 2800 sr and i face usually high diamonds. So umm check yourself dude. And understand your hero BETTER

Are you a troll or just an idiot?

uhh i see u cant back your arguments you go for insults with anything to back it up ok i see good bye troll arcadium.

Here, show that to your totally-not-imaginary gm Sym main friends.

My statements are facts. Yours are BS.

This is the note. It doesn’t say anything about “increasing beam damage” so that’s another thing you made up, like your entire post.

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Her primary weapon at level 2 and 3 does less than before due to the 20% damage reduction armor change (Sym and Zarya are the only heroes that were hurt by the armor change). Her level 1 barely does more damage to armor. Her turrets do more damage to armor though. It takes Sym longer to kill a Reinhardt with her primary alone now but by like half a second I think.

I love the micromanaging aspect of Symmetra. Namely managing her turret cooldowns/locations/priority, while managing beam charge during the fight, while keeping track of TP health/duration/cooldown/sightlines.

Also being able to provide little bits of support across the map with her throwable turrets, tp, and map-wide ult.

I find 3.0 far more fun than 2.0. That’s not to say I don’t think they should have explored her prospects from the 2.0 side of things further, but teleporter, ranged sentries, and the clutch potential of the new ult have far more skillgap and optimizations available to them.

And personally I always see gameplay – what all we can do in practice, and the depth therein – as far more lucrative to identity than the skills on paper/F1 screen alone. There’s just more I can do with 3.0, so it actually feels the more “Symmetra-like” to me.

I wouldn’t bother. He’s an obvious bad troll who vanished when I proved that he’s full of it.

I like Sym 3.0. I didn’t play OW at the time for Sym 1.0, so I can’t say anything for Sym 1.0. Sym 2.0 was not that fun to me. Sym 3.0 has a lot of potential to be consistently good, but lots of room for improvement as well. I played Sym way more with 3.0 than I did with 2.0.

Photon Barrier can be game changing especially if the team can’t escape an incoming D.va bomb. I’ve saved teammates from surprise D.va bombs with her ultimate. It can also be used to initiate team fights.

Her ability to throw turrets are so nice. You can have turrets in places you couldn’t reach before. The turrets can be used more reliably to aid you in securing kills. Turret bombing is a thing!

TP is good but can be better. One of the major problems is it has been almost a year since her second rework and people still don’t have interact key bind. It’s important for not only Sym, but Sombra and Torb as well. Teammates don’t utilize it enough and the deployment time is way too slow. Infinite uptime would be nice and game-changing!

Primary fire at first was awful because of the tick rate and the range, but it is better now. I never had a problem of using her primary fire because I play a lot of Zarya. Secondary fire is the more reliable source for doing damage but primary fire has its uses.

I think Sym 3.0 allows for a lot of room for creativity, so why I think Sym players can be either devastating or complete trash. Sym can only be as good as the player’s imagination.

We do have pierce weapons in several other forms. Hers was probably the only long range and repeatable one despite how awful it was at long range.

You make best with what you have, but a bad character is still bad if their options are not that great and highly situational. The only place Symmetra was really good was trying to hold a space if allowed the time to set-up 6 turrets and get access to ultimate.

Which is what made her garbage on virtually all attack maps and any control map where her team had to try to take the point. Call it a playstyle sure, but she was probably the character made the most awful based upon map type. Even on defense sides for payloads her trying to retake a payload was pretty bad.

It just was not a great time for any team trying to make Symmetra work if it was not something like Hanamura Defense point A. The newer symmetra is space control less powerful, but far stronger on a multitude of maps types due to a far more usable alternate fire and more flexible turret placement.

Less time wasted running around trying to place stuff and more time contributing to damage output and turrets that don’t die to a sneeze.

Over 80% of players in Plat or below only play Sym because they feel they can “help” as a DPS class by only throwing turrets and using mouse2 balls as DPS.

Most people who play sym in low ranks can’t or won’t aim with her mouse1 ability.

When the stars align and you can tp the whole team to point and cap it in less than a minute. Its such a high. Or when you can manage to melt a team without dying. Both rare moments. But they keep me playing my favorite mess of a hero.

We use her cause she is such a QUEEN!!

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All I’m saying is that her alt fire was not garbage, and especially strong on maps like eichenwalde/kings row attack when defense wanted to bunker up. You’re correct to say Sym 2.0 was far from perfect, but her gun was not where her issues were at all.

What is ‘cool’ about her is teleporter, castable turrets and having full ammo + a lightsaber after a barrier break fight.

I regularly hear teammates say ‘damn, I never saw a Sym teleport so much’. I’m all over the place with that thing. Old Ult TP had its uses but no creativity to it… or… the creativity you did have with it required a full team coordination to take advantage. New TP has so many more creative uses, plus you can use it creatively with ‘some’ coordination, or even with none.

Learn dem teleport bombs, scout with it, fake people out with it, give Torb turret something to shoot at other than your team for a few seconds.

One weird trick

If the TP is on the high ground and torb turret can see it, but can’t see the base of it, torb turret will mindlessly fire ineffectually at TP for the full duration. Haven’t yet tested if BOB is vulnerable to the same trick, but he might be :slight_smile:

Sym 2.0 winrate capped out for me at about 70%, Sym 3.0 caps out at about 60%… but I play her on many more maps than before. This is a win for me.

Sym 2.0 (whom I did love) was for me a somewhat boring instawin SR farm on Control Maps, plus useful on a couple defenses. 3.0 is harder to play on those maps (which for me = fun) but still reliably delivers 60% winrate for me while also being quite capable for attack jobs, and on some maps (Rialto = TP Paradise, for example), superfun and devastating.

I still do not pick her for every map situation, far from it. I would not recommend one-tricking her, but you can get a lot more mileage from 3.0 than 2.0.

She’s frankly just more exciting and dynamic to play, with a ton more creative tactical options than before. Don’t get me started on how good that 3.0 Ult is.

The queen is dead, long live the queen.

I think she is still cool.
She still demand less aim than the like of Soldier and Hanzo and still can produce results!

The last time people claimed that she melts barrier someone posted a video showing that shes just an avarage barrier buster nothing spectacular.

Care to explain how?
She didnt get anything what would make sure that aim is rewarded other than “if you dont aim at things they wont die”. Comapring this to the autolock its a straight downgrade.