What is considered a bad teammate and what is considered a good teammate?


Np, despite all the memes about goats goats goats and holding W+M1 OW is actually a relatively intricate game teamwork-wise compared to many. There’s a lot to learn and it doesn’t happen overnight. As I mentioned, generally as you rank up you’ll be paired with teammates with better teamwork. GL


What if I nearly got silver damage with her?


Damage is a garbage stat. So are medals, generally. You should never get high damage on Widow especially. It’s ideally just N * kill health pool, max. I’ve gone 20-1 (kills, not elims) and hard carried many a game before and received zero medals at card time.


I know, I was only joking with that xD Unless you have gold healing with Reaper in the third round, that’s when you know the team is not clicking!


6-DPS comp! :wink: There’s always exceptions, lol.


6-DPS is the second best comp! My favourite is 6-support though :wink:


Endorsements sometimes are given at random but yeah, mostly your perception of what the player did is what counts.
I think it also refers more to the cooperation with the team rather than the personal skill.

I also get shot callers endorsement just for saying “got nano, anyone for combo?” and then using it on the first DPS that did use the ultimate after my call. :man_shrugging:


Good teammates are the ones in the 50% of the games you win. Bad teammates are in the 50% you lose. So half of the community always sucks no matter how many forum topics you make on it.


Best teammates are those who understand the game properly regardless of picks and chat utilization. Not trickling, playing corners, reserving ults, taking advantage of a pick or defensive ult, just generally playing as a cohesive unit.

Basically, any time I as Lucio don’t have to act as an off-tank and make space for the majority of the time is when I’ve got good teammates.


Good Teammates:

  • People who can count (to 6 - you learned that in kindergarten) and know that 3 < 6 AKA people who don’t charge blindly when outnumbered
  • People who are willing to change heroes to fit the team/situation. It’s fine if you’re a DPS-only player, but if you have 1 kill in 4 minutes with Widow, it’s time to switch.
  • Making good shot calls and listening to good shot calls. Asking people to stop trickling or work with the team is NOT toxic.

Bad teammates:

  • One-tricks, especially of bad or easy-to-counter heroes like Torb.
  • People playing team deathmatch and ignoring the team/objective.
  • Toxic people and/or idiots who are clearly boosted.