What is considered a bad teammate and what is considered a good teammate?


I have been playing this since it released on PS4 and really enjoy the game. I am normally just playing for fun, even in comp however I have found myself becoming tilted recently. Not by the enemy team but by my own team mates.

I main Reaper (yes I know, trash, no skill ETC) and consider myself to be very good with him, normally having most of the gold medals at the end and on occasion I have carried matches. This does not prevent my own team from repeatedly telling me to swap and calling me out on every little mistake. If we are missing a healer at the beginning I will normally swap to Brigitte or Mercy so I do not insta-lock.

Getting to the point of this post, what do you consider a good/bad team mate? I understand that medals don’t mean it all but I normally assume I have helped at least if I have 4 gold medals by the end of a game?


The ideal player:
Public profile :white_check_mark:
In team chat :white_check_mark:
Not a 1 trick :white_check_mark:
Not boosted :white_check_mark:
Can flex if needed :white_check_mark:


Bad teammate - Does not swap heroes while aware that they’re being hard countered. Does not cooperate with team.(i.e leaves voice when being told something you are doing isn’t working) Threatens to report just because someone else didn’t do what they wanted. Or just actively destroying the team’s morale in general.


I agree with all of them and I am non (I believe I have logged into this through my Xbox profile so you cannot see my PS4 stats, not sure how to rectify this).

The only DPS I am good enough with to justify playing in comp is Reaper, I am a good healer though.


2) Moiras who heal occasionally.


These are the people that tilt me, there is asking me to swap because it is not working then there is constantly calling me trash when things are not working.

We are a team, what happened to the friendlier people I used to see a lot of xD


Ideal teammate:

  • not toxic, chill

  • can flex if needed

  • always in voice chat, giving callouts, boosting morale of the team etc.


Good players:

  1. If they are playing a support, they heal their team. Especially if they are co-healing. Don’t leave the healing to the other person. If your co-healer is on the other side of the map and someone close to you is asking for heals, heal them. I don’t like running across the map, risking death, just to heal them.

  2. If 3+ people have died, and someone says ‘group up’ group up. Watching people run past is so sad.

  3. Listen to voice chat. I don’t care if you talk, just listen. There are many games when I don’t want to talk, but I do listen (and type if playing on PC) and then tell that I heard throug in game voice lines.

  4. If you realize there is a problem, and there is a character that you think you can do better with, then switch to them!

  5. If you hear someone spamming that there ultimate is ready, it means they want to work together with someone. So spam yours back when yours is ready, so they know to help you.

  6. Don’t leave your healers behind to die.

  7. If you are able to jump across large distances, stay back a little bit and let your Mercy catch a ride.

TL;DR - Be nice to your healer and group up.

Otherwise, I don’t care much.
I don’t care who you play as long as you work together.
(And don’t leave me to die.)


I miss 2016 Overwatch. Everyone was a lot friendlier.


Yeah, I used to enjoy queuing with randoms because you would always meet cool people!


In my case, a good teammate is one that is trying to play the objectives, is competent with the role and hero they choose to play.

Most importantly a good teammate is one who is willing to change a strategy and swap heroes for the benefit of the team if the comp isn’t working.

The worst teammate is as follows: We are in a 6 stack playing 2-2-2 (fixed roles), attacking on Kings Row. When we are attacking final point our Rein disconnects and we get a new player to backfill.

This guy, despite realizing we need a tank, decides to play Widow with crappy aim. We politely told him what the situation was and he refused to swap heroes.

Of course everyone was tilted. Those are the worst kind of teammates to me.


In order to get the bad teammate report from me, it needs to an actively bad player. You can be bad, that’s fine, we all have off days.

But picking Mercy only to use your pistol the entire match? Flaming team while purposefully feeding or jumping off the map? Going Torbjorn, going to space, and doing nothing but hammer a useless turret? Yeah, those are reports.


Good OW teammates understand basics of OW teamwork (not exhaustive list):

  • peeling esp. for squishies
  • space creation and space utilisation
  • coordinated attacks (dives, death balls, spam, etc at same time)
  • shared tanking of damage when necessary to save teammates (think “turret diving” from LoL)
  • not feeding/staggering
  • proper ult usage (enough to win teamfight, but not too many at once, correct combos)
  • when to play objective vs when to kill
  • basic understanding of game modes (like: “die on point”, and “in KOTH stagger as long as possible while your team owns point”)

Personally, I’ll happily play with great players any day even if they’re one-tricks or DPS-only mains… so long as they know how to actually play the game properly.

All the flexing/PMA/profile stats in the world don’t matter squat to me if someone’s a bot.

Edit: one sad note is that skill does not make for good teamwork all the time… it’s just a general trend the higher you go (thankfully). I see GM streams all the time where it’s basically just DM with high level mechanics. :confused:


Bad teammates: trolls (IE walling us in as Mei, feeding, jumping off maps, going hammer only Torb, and to an extent battle only Mercy who takes up a healing spot)

Healers who don’t heal

The guy who locks in 3rd, 4th, or even 5th DPS and complains about the lack of healing, lack of shielding, etc

People who scream into mics

People who don’t use VC at all

People who try to pick fights

People who blame everyone else

“But I have gold medal in x”

Good teammate:

Tries to win

Works with team

Willing to swap

In VC (you don’t have to speak, but please call out if someone is trying to flank)

Doing their best

Just do your best and actually try to fulfill the role that you choose.


My biggest issue I always seem to encounter is trickling, I will wait outside the spawn room and a single Mercy will pass me to go 1 v 6 the enemy team. Then the rest of the team does this and do not want to group up.

Communication on the PS4 is a lot harder due to most people not using mics however the few that do tend to not want to listen to advice.

The only phrase I did not understand there is peeling, what does this mean?


If you’re a DPS player, following up on what the tanks do and peeling for supports will give you the most good will. For following up with tanks, make sure will they go in, you follow their lead. If the Rein gets a juicy shatter off, you need to finish them off. Focus down low and priority targets. For peeling healers, just keep an eye out for divers and flankers. If you see a Winston jump in on your healers, attack him. If you hear someone sneaking around, stay with your healers.


Good teammate:
Plays with team
Willing to combo ults
Can flex if needed
doesnt 1 trick widow because they got a 3k in a game 2 years prior


I normally consider my job protecting the healers until we make a push then I will focus on the enemy healers, take them out as soon as possible.

I know people consider Reaper a tank buster but I find killing the healers more useful, unless I want to get ult charge from tanks.


Comms are not for advice. It’s just not worth mentoring randos every single game. And that’s even assuming they’re open to constructive feedback in the first place. But that’s my take.

Actual (pro) teams just discuss rough picks in hero select, and then just call ult/ability usage/combos and low targets.

Peeling means to help out teammates that are being focused. Ex: monkey solo dives solo Zen in your backline. Team 180’s and gets free kill on monkey. There’s a trade-off–sometimes it really isn’t worth to peel. But really, good teamwork involves peeling much more often than not.

Last word of advice on trickling for lower ranks. Your objective is to maximise your impact on winning in a game. Sometimes that means going in down players… because frankly if you’re better than your teammates sometimes it doesn’t matter if you’re down one bot. It’s more important to get things done.


Ah, thank you I will remember that.

I don’t really bother mentoring, I know that people will play the way they want and that is up to them, I just wish there were more people up to team work.