What is Ana's niche supposed to be?

In her current state when would I ever go “Ana is the best choice for this situation”?

According to Geoff these things are supposed to be her niche so why weren’t these aspects buffed? So far we got quality of life changes that don’t emphasize her strengths. Increasing her clip size and allowing her to heal teammates are just changes to put her on a baseline with Mercy and Moira who are already consistent in their healing. Making her normal healing ability less frustrating to deal with is nice but it’s not really emphasizing her strength.

Ana’s ability to antiheal is indeed supposed to be her niche ability but with the restriction of her having to use her grenade on herself to stay alive even from chip damage removes this from being a strength. It’s not a reliable niche because her weaknesses remove it’s strength.

I think the devs are looking at Ana with rose colored glasses when the only time she’s ever been good was when she had a meta solely dedicated around her and a grenade that was so overtuned that it was the best ability in the game. Outside of that she’s always had these glaring weaknesses and it has shown for a long time now.


Considering the meta is potentially shifting towards Deathball, the Grenade easily serves both purposes at once. Flankers are less popular, leaving her safer in the backline, and people are so clustered that everyone gets hit by the grenade.

I personally think Ana will be in a good spot, just give it time. They’re even going to buff her!


That’s what the second healer is for - Ana should never need to grenade herself outside of an emergency, or between battles.

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The problem I have, is when are you actualy going to be able to capitalize on that range?

In what maps is it more beneficial to heal away from your team, especially at the ranges Ana is capable of?

When is Ana not going to die or have extreme issues from being at these ranges when she comes in contact with a flanker?

Maps aren’t designed around Ana. And now with Rialto being out, it’s even worse. There’s a corner and a building every 5 feet in that map. Ana has no place in it.


Easy, ranged healing, massive burst healing, healing denial, CC and potential damage.

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Except the last deathball meta had a very strong Roadhog hook and Ana’s primary benefit was her grenade supercharged everyone’s healing.

The grenade does not put out enough healing to add her as the primary healer and Moira/Lucio synergizes far more with Brigitte than Ana does.

Again, what is her niche. Why would I ever want to take Ana for AOE healing when I can stack Moira with Brigitte?

But in order to be healed by that second healer, she needs to be with her team, so her long range is useless.

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Triple support is the common “braindead meta” people are complaining about. You take Ana with Moira and Brigitte.

Depends on the healer. Zen has no problem, Mercy can fly to her (just like with a widow), and Brigitte’s repair pack has pretty long range.

Moira does it better, on more targets.

1 CC skillshot on a long cooldown that can easily be ruined by team mates/barriers isn’t a “niche”

Most maps, Ana can heal at the same range as Zen can. Ana can heal at the same range as Moira’s ball can (without being able to move around corners).

The only one on here that’s actually only unique to Ana is the healing denial, which death is the best healing denial but who am I?


2CP maps and Numbani defence where she can stay far behind while healing allies.
Countering Moira/Shambulance and other healing based strats.
Somewhat counter Roadhog.
These are the first ones that come to mind. :slight_smile:

Her niche is being a challenge.

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I reached GM for the first time during the moth meta by playing almost only Ana, I think I know what I’m talking about…

Literally every other healing support does not have this restriction and their pick and winrates far exceed Ana’s. What is the reason that she has this glaring penalty?

Moira is the superior burst healer, Moira has superior damage. Her ranged healing isn’t really a benefit that people make it out to be though I will admit that it can be a strength.

Her CC and antiheal are supposed to be her strengths but I’ve already outlined why antiheal is not.

No you don’t because you take Lucio for speedboost and AOE healing.


Zen has issues because he needs line of sight and to be within 30 meters. It’s not a problem on most maps, but when Ana is truly at her range strongpoint, she’s over 30 meters.

Mercy also needs to be within the 30 meters and needs to be even closer to heal unless she’s using Valkyrie.

30 meters isn’t a very long range. Especially when, according to Jeff, Ana’s niche is being at long range to heal. If everyone else can be at such a long range, why pick Ana?

“Why would I take Lucio for AoE healing if I can just stack Moira and Brigitte?”

Get over yourself. Nobody knows what the actual best composition of healers is, and you don’t either.

Moira definitely does not have more single target burst, lmao. Ana probably has over double if I were to guess.

I wouldn’t doubt Moira having more single target burst, honestly. It just can’t be sustained as long at the same rate.

How about addressing points rather than bringing up your rank (which doesn’t even show you have any time on Ana in comp, and Ana is your 8th most played hero.

Genji main though. Hard to believe you when that’s true.

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I can’t say that, I’ll get banned.

Anyways, look at my comp stats for season 5, I think, pretty much only Ana.

I main Hanzo, for the past 3 seasons, and Ana was 2nd most played 2 seasons ago.

Look at the correct stats, QP is meaningless.

Also I did earlier, you just chose to loophole around them with scenarios that are unlikely to occur.