What is a forced loss?

Because it would be more fun for both sides this way?

Onesided games are simply boring, frustrating etc.
Balanced matches = both sides can actually win
Which is something a matchmaker should try to archieve.
On the downside though it would become almost impossible to climb if the game trys to force a 50/50 on you. And since so many people are climbing (even non smurfs) with winrates around 55-65 %, there is no way that this system is working like this. The winrate evens out itself once you get high enough and reach your true sr.

In my opinion, the matchmaker doesn’t balance matches like that because there are still a lot of onesided matches due to either a smurf / multiple smurfs or because one team simply got the better players at the same sr.

Two people with 3k sr could be on a totally different skill level. One could be on his career high after a lucky win streak with a true sr of like 2,5k. The other one could be on a career low after a long losing streak with a true sr above 3,5k.

Therefore balanced sr will not guarantee a balanced match. And that’s my perception of the current matchmaking system. I don’t think that the system really balances around mmr.

The real problem is that too many people are delusional about their own skill. They believe they are too low ranked and should actually be much higher. They observe stupid behavior from other players but don’t notice that they are doing these kind of mistakes themselves. That’s like the biggest reason why there are so many theories about the matchmaker, forced wins, losses etc. It’s easier to blame a system than yourself.


But so are people a lot better in lower ranks.
A person with a diamond account and a gold account, should only climb very slowly on its gold account? win only 60%?? Destroying lots of games?
Or climb as fast as possible and only destroy a few games?

What is less frustrating?
If the system can detect good and bad players in a skill rating, why not let 6 very bad players(who the system thinks should have a lower SR) play against 6 very good players.
Yes this gives one sided matches but fixes the games for players who should be in that rank. Players will get to their rank a lot faster. And then have good games without boosted players and smurfs.
A deranker plays one game very good. System flags him as too good and he get easy games untill he is at a rank where the system thinks he belongs at.
A person somehow get on a rank where he does not belong. System detects it and matches him against 6 very strong players with 5 other ‘to high SR’ players.

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A force win or loss streak is what matchmaker is doing to push you to the rank it is believing you should be at based on individual performance.

Only high IQ people can understand this. It is a fact and has been proven again and again.

I have proven it with video evidence before and still there is denial by a small number of people. They use multiple account and like each other posts so it looks larger, actually more people are knowing the matchmaker is broken.

That is the real truth.


Can yall stop necroing

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The entire premise of that topic is based on an intentional misinterpretation of what Scott Mercer said.

The real info is here, complete with links to absolutely everything Blizzard has ever said about matchmaking:


i see a lot of streamers/high rank players complain daily about “i got masters/diamond tanks/supports in my GM game wtf blizz, etc etc. how am i supposed to carry these games?” “games so unbalanced, etc.” but because they dont use the term “forced loss” its all good. they play the game and win.

they are basically saying they are unwinnable/unbalanced games. AKA FORCED LOSS GAMES. (games you were most likely to not win, not necessarily CAN’T win)

so yes i do believe the game gives you matches you’re most likely not supposed to win. but it’s up to you to prove it wrong. the difference is the high tier players prove it wrong daily by being in a higher rank. this game is the epitome frustrating and grindy but i do believe ultimately it’s pretty accurate rank wise.

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If your SR is higher than your MMR, you get disproportionately harder games to correct your SR. The inverse is true but nobody ever complains about win streaks, they just think they deserve it.


Oh yeah. It is your MMR it is basing it on.

on the other hand, your SR gain is ALSO based on the difference between where you are and your MMR.

It makes sense, and yes.

is 100% what happens.

Forced losses were an early term people used to try and describe the predictable losing streaks you’d receive after winning a few games.

Over time, as players observed the system closely, the talk was less about forced losses and more about how Blizzard forces “even matches” by handicapping the teams.

You have a hidden matchmaking rating, or MMR. So, just say you won 4 games in a row, and put up good stats… your hidden rating goes UP.

Well, to make an even match for you, it wouldn’t be fair to team you up with other hot players and just stomp the enemy. Instead, you receive teammates obviously worse than your recent batch.

Since the game is chock full of throwers, leavers, and trolls… this pretty much means a bunch of auto losses.

I call it Hard Mode. And it doesn’t matter if i’m at a rank lower than my average, these games are pretty much impossible to win.

So… forced losses.

Until your MMR plummets, and suddenly the game thinks you need better teammates to force this “even match”

Then you see some easy games for a bit.


For 20 seasons…

Yeah, it’s so crazy how when you climb ranks you get more difficult opponents. What kind of crazy system is that?

It’s not the ranks though. I’ve seen streaks of unwinnable games at 1900 as a “reward” for winning too much.

I don’t think any silvers think they should be masters, but it constantly feels like you should be about 500 SR higher. Because it’s ranks you’ve handled plenty of times before, but for some reason on your way back up… you keep getting smacked by a string of the crappiest games you can imagine.

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It doesnt matter if they were lucky or not with wins, matchmaker is not using sr to create games, he is using MMR.

So in fact its not matchmaker who is forcing lossing on you. Its actualy your performace, you are forcing it as player on yourself.

It blows my mind that some people don’t recognize that this is a troll


youre pitted against teams with higher sr which the game understands your chances of winning are close to 0% this is partly why you’ll see lots of landslide victories. this is mainly where that term comes from forcing losses.

it also reveals on your team who’s getting carried/boosted and has not been in the dojo practicing their kung fu. these instances are more for players in Q with randoms rather than a trusty group of 6 familiars.

You dont need mental issues to realize that the matchmaking system is actually really bad. What the hell, lmao

Yo what is that necro

Stop baiting.

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Than why is the sr of two teams almost always close to equal? And why are there still big stomps happening? Shouldn’t equal mmr give you close games most of the time. I still think it uses sr and mmr + match performance only to boost/lower the sr you gain/lose.

Because mmr and sr is actualy very close to each other in most cases. Unless you are smurf several ranks lower.

You actually DO need mental issues to believe your own performance isnt the deciding factor in your rank.

Not everyone is sane. Not everyone has a brain that works properly. You dont really know who is on the other end of the keyboard when people make these ridiculous outrageous claims. I choose to believe they likely have mental issues.

Players who are a higher rank than you did something differently. Why cant people accept that its the way they play the game that gives them their rank?

p.s. man was i feisty 2 years ago. wow