What improvements should be made to the game?

While everyone usually goes straight to the heros, I want to talk about all the other things: maps, modes, features, all of that. What do you think needs to be changed, and what would you like added?

I honestly don’t understand why they don’t have clans/guilds for the pc client at least. I humbly suggest the secret to WoW’s staying power is the social aspect of making online friends. Even when you are bored of the game you stick around to play with friends.

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I think that’s something they were maybe trying to do with find a group, although full out clans would be cool.

Investigation of reports followed by bans of identified false reporters and public announcements of the numbers of false reporters receiving bans each day

I would love to see daily quests or bounties included. This would make me want to login daily just to achieve these… The “dailies” would reward either extra gold for completing, or if you complete all of them in a day you get a lootbox. Would LOVE to see something like this.

I think map weather conditions could be neat, or day/night mode for each map. Just little stuff.

New modes for competitive would be nice.

Reworks should have a long, hard look taken at them, and decided upon if they are still decent.

More weekly stuff to do besides just ‘get 9 arcade wins’
How about

  • Get 50 elims with your most played hero
  • Heal 30k HP
  • Accumulate 20 minutes of objective time
  • Win 10 matches as a healer
  • Achieve a 20 kill streak without dying
  • Resurrect 30 people
  • Get 10 environmental kills
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More frequent arcade comp modes. These are a nice alternative to regular comp which can get stale.

New game modes in general for comp and QP

Golden gun points removed from competitive and made to be achievable through another way.

Daily/weekly challenges for XP or Loot boxes.

A permanent PvE mode

Role Queue

Improved play of the game system. If two heroes coordinated than show both in their standard victory pose on screen before the replay begins.

  1. MAPS.
    This game seriously suffers from a serious lack of maps. We’re on Year 3, and each main game mode barely has 5 maps. They really need to step up map production.

  2. OWL
    They need to stop pouring more resources into that thing, and focus more on the actual game itself. The game’s balance is a joke, and the lack of maps make games very boring to watch. They should have waited before trying to shove OWL down our throats so much.

    This system needs to be removed, full stop. Worthless, gambling garbage. Instead, replace it with credits. Have credits be buyable directly, and have coins be earned after leveling up, after a game, and for winning 9 arcade games.

    After the disappointment that was Annversary and Summer Games 2018, events need to be spiced up a bit. Just repeating the same things as last year is very boring and low-effort, and new skins alone aren’t a big enough draw if your mains don’t even get a voice line. Also, have EVERY event map and game mode available in Custom Games year 'round. There’s literally no excuse NOT to have this.

    Quite a few games offer daily incentives for playing. Fortnite’s PvE mode “Save the World”, for example, offers daily quests where a player can earn 50-150 V-Bucks (their premium currency) a day. I look forward to logging in every day because of daily quests, slowly earning a pool of V-Bucks for llamas and skins, etc. Having a similar system in OW to earn credits would be very welcome.

That’s about all the improvements I could think of that didn’t involve heroes. But boy, would I like to see just ONE improvement from this list…

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Lets see…

  • The eternally promised and forever delayed improved colorblind mode.

  • Related to the above colorblind mode, for there to be the ability to customize ability/etc colors (think spectator mode) for client-side only.

  • New mode(s). Like an actual new alternative game mode, not just another new Arcade mode.

  • New events.

  • Permanent lore related content.

  • PoTG rework.

  • A revamped tutorial.

  • More goals to work for like gold guns, not necessarily through competitive only.

  • The Gabriel Reyes voice lines being unlocked for Blackwatch Reyes and Solider 24.

  • More skin specific voice and ult lines and for the unreleased ones to be released.

  • Optimization and sound issues being addressed.

  • And of course, a rework for the balance team :wink:

I completely forgot that existed. Very much yes.

I’d still like to see a change made to the way leavers in QP is handled. Exp penalty isn’t really enough of a deterrent, what I would really like to see in place is a system that puts the leavers at the top of the queue to fill backfill along with the Exp penalty. That way, those that create backfill are also the first in line to get rid of it by filling it themselves.

When someone leaves a match after the match is completed and they queue for a match they should be put in the queue.

The current system doesn’t actually do that and wastes a significant amount of player’s time in the long run and potentially puts players into matches with people they don’t want to play with again.

Depending on how exactly it works it may also be incentivizing leaving a match at the very end which can shoot teams in the foot and annoy people that are then sent backfilling into a defeat screen.


I’d prefer new map types. The same Control/2cp/escort/hybrid are slowly getting played out.

More game types: reverse hybrid, tug-o-war, multi koth, etc.

Map select. Sure, only 2-3 maps will ever get used for a variety of reasons, but let the salt purify the wound I say.

The only “changs” I think need to be done are balance changes on the heroes. I think half the cast needs something akin to a minor rework at last.

HOwever if we’re talking what should be added.
Team based Free For All! (Team Deathmatch as we know it with four players but with 4 or 5 teams on the field of play so it feels like a free for all but with a group at your back.)
That’d be the best arcasde mode ever and really all they’d have to Really is open up another section of any given Payloa or hybrid map that’asalready used for TDM to make it big enough)

That would be interesting.