What if we gave Ana 50 shields?

That moment when it’s been so long that people start suggesting previous versions of heroes, as buffs.

People have literally been asking for more Area denial (Non CC) And Bastion’s just in the corner, crying.

And in the event that Bastion were to be viable again, i predict a flood of:
“We need a hero who can shoot through shields” Threads.

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So because they’ve buffed her 3 times, not even in a row. Technically twice since the ammo and shoot through full health were in one patch. She needs to be nerfed? They put in these buffs to help her be more viable. The 300 insta heal with nano is going to be nice, but it’s not really going to help her much. When they increased her ammo and let her shoot through full health doe allies they were going in the right direction.

Making her 150 would make her die even faster, she needs a little something to survive a little when out of battle. 50 isn’t much, we’re not saying make her a 250 health, she just needs 50 or her health to regenerate on her own so there’s less chance of her being picked off before she gets a health pack or needs the main healer to heal her.

Shields aren’t armor, they don’t reduce any damage, they just regenerate on their own. 50 isn’t much, it’s honestly nothing, but it keeps her topped off and will allow her to not have to waste her nade as often.


No matter what healer combo the team decides to play, the healers should always keep an eye on each other. Not necessarily pocket, just a little top-up every once in a while.

But that does remind me of the early Mercy meta where Mercies tended to be so clueless in their new ranks that 50% my job as Ana was to basically babysit them.

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He’s still viable. While not the best since he needs to be guarded while in Sentry mode to be free to chew through enemy pushes, if he has a team willing to work with him he’s unstoppable.

Unfortunately, no one plays with Bastion making him easy pickings. I wish he can fire at enemies while repairing himself. That alone will be a powerful buff

No hero should require a six stack with coms, to play Perfectly Around them, and only them, to be “Viable”

Sorry, but… He Really Isn’t.

If you would like to know more, or even discuss Bastion’s balance, i refer you to the Bastion Megathread:
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (170+ Likes, 4000+ Responses)]


That ana “buff” was also a nerf. I personally didn’t have problems with reloading and aiming as ana. Sure, sometimes I’d heal the wrong target because of hitbox overlap, if rarely. However, I’d actually prefer if they reverted it back to what it was when I could preheal targets. Larger clip size is nice, but it’s not that big of a deal. It just allows me to play a bit more aggressive as ana


I’d rather see her get 50 armor. I don’t think it would help all that much, maybe against a tracer, but I feel like it would fit her character more as a rugged soldier.

Nah, it would only be a tiny buff. If they’re going to buff her, this isn’t it.

Instead of a revert, they should just make an option. I prefer shooting through, but I understand why other Ana players don’t like it.

Not all buffs some were just partial nerf reversions and compensation for nerfs

Biotic Rifle

  • March 21, 2017 Patch: Damage decreased from 80 to 60


  • November 16, 2017 Patch: Damage increased from 60 to 70
  • May 22, 2018 Patch: Ammo increased from 10 to 14


  • May 22, 2018 Patch: Projectiles will now pass through allies with full health

Biotic Grenade

  • January 24, 2017 Patch: Effect duration has been reduced from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
  • January 24, 2017 Patch: Healing boost on allies has been decreased by 50%

Nano boost

  • November 15, 2016 Patch: No longer increases move speed
  • March 3, 2017 Patch: The total damage reduction that a hero can receive while buffed has been capped at 50% (formerly 70%)


She has recieved 4 nerfs 5 for people who see piercing shot as a nerf.
And she has recieved 3 buffs 4 for people who see piercing shot as a buff. Her piercing shot swings things to either even amount of buffs to nerfs or more nerfs then buffs. Either way the nerfs they did give her were pretty strong and the buffs they’ve given so far to bring her back have been on the weak side.

Replacing 50 health with shields would give her some of the self sustain she has needed for so long. It’s either that or she needs a self-heal when healing teammates. Giving her a second biotic grenade or lowering the cooldown would be too much in terms of helping her self sustain so a buff needs to be given elsewhere. And giving her mobility isn’t necessary especially with Symmetra tp.


How would it be any worse than zenyatta’s if both have shields, shielded Ana endurance would be significantly better since she would have 2 self healing sources

Zenyatta is not a main healer.

As for her having significantly higher endurance, yes and no.
Zenyatta has a self healing potential with his shield of 150 any time he is out of combat.
Ana currently has a burst self heal of 100hp every ten seconds, but that’s also burns her most useful support ability.

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It’s a pretty good idea that is more of a quality of life then a buff so i say yes. (Ana probably needs a buff too but i’ll wait and see her place after all the healer changes on ptr go to live before i say she’s viable or not)

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Yeah, but also every other healer has a self heal ability in this way or another while ana has to either hope the other healer chooses her over other player in your team or has to sacrifice her 10s cd ability to heal herself instead of healing her teammates or denying heals to enemy. Maybe it was on lower cooldown people wouldnt ask for a self heal ability.


does Zen?
didn’t think he could atatch his orb to himself.

sigh. First of all i said this way or another. Maybe using self heal was a bad wording, but the point stays.

Zen has 150hp in form of shields that regenerates itself by 30hp per second if he is not taking damage for 3 seconds - it still gives him 75% of his hp pool back without depending on others.

Lucio heals himself for as long as his song is set to healing, no cooldowns (except amp it up but it just makes it faster but not only for his self healing but also for anyone inside the circle so it’s a win win for everyone). Gets 12-ish hp back every second.

Moria heals through damage, there is no cooldown on her secondary fire, she can also simultaneously deal damage and heal the team if she use her orb. She gets back 30hp per second. She can also sacrifice her orb and heal herself by it making her the second healer that can apply her own kit to heal herself, but comparing to Ana she has also other way. Cooldown is 10s on orb BUT like i said it’s not her only way to self heal.

Brigitte similarly to Moira get self heals through taking damage but differently to her she MUST deal damage to heal others too (i know she also has repair kit but it’s on 8s cooldown). 16hp per second for the duration of 5 second. Inspire is apparently on a 1.5 cooldown but it’s not that big of a deal.

Mercy has regeneration just because. 20hp per second after not taking damage for a single second i think. She doesn’t heal herself with her staff, doesn’t have shields that would regenerate. she just automatically regenerates her hp because reasons.

And then we have Ana who has no mobility, no regenerative shields, no armors (blah blah blah, brigitte doesn’t need them either), no self healing “just because”, no self healing through damage. She is the only hero that has to either apply some of her kit on herself (with a really long cooldown) or being dependent on the other healer/health packs.

So yeah zen has something than can be called self heal ability.

EDIT: friendly reminder that Mei, Reaper, Bastion, Soldier and Roadhog have some sorts of self healing ability. There is also Sombra who’s hard to put into these categories as all she does is hacking medpacks to respawn them faster but since there is no ult charge from that there is no point for the team to use them (it only slows down healers ult build) if it’s not necessary so it can be more or less treated as sombra’s way for “self heal” or at least to be less dependent on healers.

That being said i absolutely see no reason why giving more self sustain to ana is that bad of an idea

yeah they do…as abilities :expressionless:
same as Ana’s bio nade…

i know you want ana to not have to nade herself…but comparing it to those is NOT the way to do so as they all have to use a long cd skill juts like ana’s nade…

I am ashamed to say that I had to enter this thread just because I couldn’t stop seeing the title as if it were a sequel to a certain adult novel/movie series which shall not be named: “50 Shields of Granny”

(On topic though, I would love to see Ana have a means of self-healing that isn’t wasting her nade, but it would probably need to be harder to apply and keep topped up than anything as automatic as a shield)