What if we gave Ana 50 shields?

  • Her self healing would still be the worst out of the main healers and she would still struggle to keep herself topped off with just her grenade.

  • This wouldn’t realy provide any benefit in combat due to the delay shields have before regenerating after taking damage. (She wouldn’t be able to heal through damage)

  • This only serves to give her a little more wiggle room to use her biotic grenade slightly more liberally instead of it being relegated to self healing EVERY time it’s up


–Symmetra sighs–

Unless there’s a new hero that can grant shield buffs like Symmetra did. A personal shield for Ana is not likely.


Ana needs no shields.


I would only support this if it was a net nerf, for example Ana having 100hp + 50 shields for 150 in total.
Not every healer is entitled to constant self-heal. Ana always has a team to help her, and there are several medkits scattered around the map.

Were you around when Zenyatta had 150 health total? The only person that should ever have 150 health is Tracer.


I think it’d be pretty nice. I always find myself at like 170 health, but need to do something more important at range with the 'nade.


Zen’s 150hp was mostly a problem when a single Widow bodyshot could deal that damage, she no longer can

…Not that I’ve settled on some idea that “Ana MUST have 150hp”, but I do feel that 200hp with some of that being shields would be super OP

This isn’t altogether a bad idea. It would buff her survivability massively as it often feels like I spend most of the game at less than 100 hp with her. I like it.


I think this would be good. It’d help her against random bullets and poke damage, but wouldn’t be sufficient to fully sustain her in the way other supports get right now.


Yes, give her shields…

…so that Sombra can have an easier time against more heroes :sweat_smile:


most matches have 2 healers dont they?

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lmao, what?

50 hp as shields is not that strong. it’s just for making ana not have to use her nade to top of her HP after taking chip damage all the time.


All I’m saying is that a direct buff is the opposite of what she needs.
She already has 3 buffs racked up since last nerf, the latest 2 of them making her simpler and less engaging to play.

70 dmg - fine
14 ammo - almost eliminates the whole concept of reload management
piercing ammo - simplifies positioning to the point of almost being botmode
300-healing nano - will be even more annoying than rez to play against and rewards panic-ulting and poor decision-making

Honestly I miss that ability, but I can see more health being longer fights. Which makes people loose more attention. But Hey longer fights means better practice.


That’s the point. c:

She needs mobility or self sustain better than her nade or even both of these.

Hahahahahahaha I love the repsonses and the months and months people have said ana needs buffs instead of nerfing mercy again after this next nerf.

U mercy mains are unbelievable… U should be for all other supports being buffed before ur hero gets nerfed again… and again… and again…

But yet some of you still get on her and oppose little tiny buffs to alternative heros other than mercy.

It’s just crazy to me!!!

Idealy. But if your main healer needs pocketing by your off healer you have a problem.

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I’ve suggested this in a bunch of Ana threads, give her some kind of self regeneration. Replace 50 of her health with shields. It would help her stay out of the red.