What if there was an Anti-MVP card?

Imagine if there was a card designating the anti-MVP of the game. Basically the lowest performing player. How do you guys feel about that?

(And how often do you think you’d earn it :slight_smile: )


that would be kinda like naming and shaming tbh,

a bit too much

i feel like they should just improve the whole medal system and add a scoreboard at the end


Stats alone don’t show how much you were contributing


Yeah sure, lets make the game even more toxic. Why not? /s


That would be a bad idea, since the anti-MVP will be shammed and harassed. Also having low stats does not mean you were useless.


Ah yes.
A true point-and-laugh card.
I got one in gym class the second they told me to pick up a hockey stick.
My slapshot…
It wasnt pretty at all.

We always need those.
Fairly certain i’d earn it regularly on DPS.

this is a joke thread right? Im playing by the rules i think


Literally just an “avoid this player” card.

That would cause alot of problems.

And would basically shift the blame to them no matter what.

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You realize that even if every single person on a team played perfectly, one person is always going to end up edged out and the “worst” stats wise, right?


I think if we do this we should get Keith Olbermann as an announcer for the game and have him do his “worst person in the world” segment for that card.


Wait…can you you upvote the card?
So we can rub the salt into wound even more and be actual acid?

Throws Torbs old armour packs to the ground and leaves

there already is an anti-mvp card. ever play with a tank that walks into the main choke, stays theres, uses their entire shield HP and dies over and over until the game ends? they get a card called “damage blocked” and it’ll be an unusually high number for the amount of time the match lasted

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This is a “we want a leaderboard” post in disguise. So we can see who is doing bad and use as a scapegoat.

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Sounds mean…
And there’s no real reason for that really.
Sometimes a player didn’t do a lot because his team took care of everything he could have done.

Sometimes a player is just a pick for specific situation.

You can’t really get any information from that most of the time, but it will insult players ALOT.
Personally I really don’t think this game needs more toxicity.

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Wouldn’t work. Imagine if someone backfills late and stays. They’re practically guaranteed that card in comparison to everyone else.

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There has been talk about them doing just that for overwatch 2. Won’t happen before though.

I could see it now

  • Widowmaker: 12% scoped accuracy
  • Moira: 4105 healing
  • Reinhardt: 3500 damage blocked
  • Torbjorn: 20 turret kills, 4 torbjorn kills

How to become the punching bag of your team 101

I think that would have humiliating consequences for all of us…

You need a whole set of ‘bad’ cards, IMO. Never going to happen though, however much I’d want to try it out.

Why suggest something that would be inherently just toxic and shame people for not performing well?

Also, we have some of those cards already, one of them being dva’s mech deaths card.

Yes it’s possible to feed 18 mechs to an enemy in 10 minutes.