What if teammates can give their ultimate percentage to the others?


I am just thinking, what if the teammates can give their ultimate to the others with some discount ratio (50% or more discount for example)? So maybe the team will have a good strategy to sacrifice a tank or a healer’s ult to let their best damage hero players to use ultimate multiple times in a short period. If a Genji can pull out his blade twice, it could be a huge help to destroy the GOAT team or similar, and the professional competitions would not be so dull.


Yuga, I’m not good enough to deal with one more button. But go for it.

[side edit: would everyone would be giving away Widow’s?..]


You could have a hero who’s ultimate is charging someone else’s ultimate. Maybe a flat amount or just boost the ultimate gain, etc.


That’s very much a game breaking idea.


That’s actually a sweet idea but I would bet there would be tons more grav/dragon combos or grav/blade combos… Then we’d be complaining about that.

Along the line of what you’re thinking, maybe a hero to quickly reset the cooldown timer on an ability?


Snakes (dragons) everywhere. Even on planes.

That’s why we need a tunneler for a new hero. I’d just dig a hole and chill with Roadhog.


Damn I love that dude.
I don’t know if you know about Guild Wars (the first one) but the Mesmer, one of the most iconic classes of that game had skills that do that.

The only problem is that it would be “counter intuitive” for allies and foes but abilities that are “punishment” based are amazing for flavour and tactical value.

Just an example:
Sombra’s Hack is : https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Blackout
Something like this would be great too: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Backfire

Its opressive but can be tuned etc.
MMO or RPG mechanics are great for design but the balancing could be a nightmare.


Oh god no. I don’t need a dps or tank giving away free ultis to other people. Some people already charge fast enough, so it doesn’t make any sense to me.


damage boosting does that


Genji Dragonblade forever!



Right when I thought “REZ ME! REZ ME! ONLY NEED REZ!” was dead.

Great. /s


Give me ult or I throw.

No thanks.


No, thanks. I’d much rather deal with one at a time


I’m not particularly on board with this, ESPECIALLY as % transfer. while all heroes build from 1-100%, they are actually building ultimate charge points, and different heroes require fewer points to hit 100%, so it would need to be a point value transfer.

otherwise you could use someone like Tracer who can rapidly build charge to 100% get in their and charge up, jump back out and get an ult to a more impactful team ult. it would essentially create an “ult battery” role that would be too necessary in a game where ults already carry a ton of power.

there would also be scenarios, particularly near the spawns, where people swap to a character who isn’t necessarily strong for the comp, but can get a charge from the ult batteries to power their ult, pop back in and swap to a better hero. it’d be niche, but it would happen.


That’s a good concept for a future hero but imagine a Mercy just giving her ult to a Genji 24/7…


Giving ult charge to teammates would totally break ult tracking. However there is a slight merit in the idea of allowing hero swaps to take a some of the ult charge with them from their previous hero to the new one, rather than a straight percentage, just a portion of the ult charge value over to the new character. It would actually encourage hero swapping to counter rather than the “I can’t swap now, I’ve got 60% on my ult!” mindset.


What a horrible idea.

You’ll have people flaming each other because they won’t give up their ultimate “to the superior player” and you’ll have heroes who will be “expected to give up your crappy ult to the Zarya OR GET REPORTED!!!”.

Horrible and bad.


If I’ve ever needed a reason not to support an idea, this right here is the perfect example.

On the real tho, this idea is terrible, ults are already game determiners, the ability to pop them more often isn’t needed.

Also, being able to channel the ult charge from every hero on your team into one would be overpowered even at the 50% penalty you suggested.

So no, no no no. 100% no.


Well, I defend this point. That’s why a good OWL coach matters. When you watch NBA or NFL, you do expect at some moments, the coach makes a nice strategy to ask some players to give up attack, pass the ball to a teammate and help him to score, right? Why the same movement is not applicable in e-sport?


Imagine a game where everyone just dumps all their ult charge into Genji for example. He’d have blade four or five times every fight. Or Zenyatta or Lúcio or Tracer or Reinhardt or Zarya or… You see where I’m going with this.