What if Sigma is suffering the same problems as Tracer?

A human, out of the loop of normal time and space, and could be gone for weeks on end

but unlike Tracer, he had no harness to hold him down, and went mad from lack of understanding, until Talon came in

And thanks to Reaper, who was around during Tracer’s problems and solutions, was able to help Talon give him the equipment to hold in in the same time frame as them, and are using his new found powers of gravity manipulation as a weapon

i mean, we see multiple times during his trailer where he seems to disappear from sight, and fall into the universe, only to reappear back in the same spot

He’s falling in and out of the Spacetime continuum


I could see it.

I feel like his supposed ability to manipulate gravity and/or time he can’t (couldn’t) fully control. Couple that with his apparent decline into insanity and it leads to destruction all around him, whether he wants it or even knows about it. Maybe that’s why he got imprisoned. They would have to somehow suppress his power, maybe that’s what those xtra thicc handcuffs did.

Tracer got sucked out of the flow of time but it seems to only affect her whereas sigma seems to have something that would cause a lot of terror to people around him. Whether he’s brainwashed or not, his refined ability to control his powers definitely looks like it’s talon’s doing.