What if Moira could heal through barriers


At the cost of half of it’s HPS. It would still be best to avoid the barrier but worst case scenario she can heal for 40 HPS if stuck behind one.


As a passive or unique trait of her healing? Could make sense because her ult(and Orb?) goes through barriers.


I was thinking trait, but a passive could work.


I don’t think the Moira healing “bug” fix should have ever been a thing in general. She’s Mercy’s counterpart and mercy heals through barriers and it wasn’t like it was OP or anything. No one complained about it. It was a weird thing to “fix” since it wasn’t broke.


I know it wasn’t OP. I’m just throwing out ideas to reach a middle ground here. The devs don’t want high healing values to pass through barriers, thus lower values should be fine in their book.


I want them to revert damage-ball on turrets. If the ball does x-damage (clearly, I don’t know much), then that damage draws it from turret/teleporter first, then opponent if anything’s left.


to OP:

Moira is well balanced at the moment, but If I had a genie wish that I could only apply to a small change to Moira, I’d go with one second quicker cooldown on fade over healing through barriers


I can see that but I’m more of a “let her have a healing benefit” first since she doesn’t bring utility. At six seconds, it’s on par with Winston . Tbh, I’d rather her self sustain be reverted and then have Moira heal through barriers and then have a 5 sec fade from there


You gotta give at least something for Moria players to think about.


Moira already is the only healer with a resource meter and is contingent on enemy players existing in range to increase said resource. Why does Moira have to be more restricted than any other healer when she doesn’t offer utility like any other healer? Her niche should be strong healing. Inhibiting that is counterintuitive imo


You can heal through barriers. That’s what your orb is for.


…ok… Reliably heal through barriers with primary healing is what some of us wish Moira could do.


I mean, even without going through barriers, Moira still out heals Mercy on average, despite the fact that the devs have specifically said they wanted Mercy to be the go to for straight up heals.

I don’t really think making it easier for Moira to heal is the answer.


The state of Mercy is irrelevant to Moiras design imo. Additionally, mercy can Rez, and dmg boost when Moira cannot. Why shouldn’t Moira be able to do the literal only thing she can do the absolute best?


I dont look at Moira as the “healer without utility” - tho that is an accurate description - I look at her as the healer who can defend herself. Fade is a big part of that, and I cant tell you how many times 1 second faster fade would have saved her butt with me at the controls:-)


You can’t be the best healer in the game and complain about healing being difficult at the same time /shrug

You also have to stop ignoring the fact that Moira also deals the some of the most damage out of the supports, second only to Zen, who actually has reasonably weak heals to make up for his extreme damage, and leaves the other main healers in the dust. She only does two things, but she already does both of those things exceptionally well.

Let’s also not forget both of those things are actually consistently useful mid-fight, and she can even multitask with her orbs and ult. Compare that to Mercy, who can only do one thing at a time, and Resing and Boosting are both risky plays when you can’t heal during them, especially in a team fight where multiple people are taking damage and you’re the only main healer without any AoE heals.

Either way, don’t blame me, I was just literally quoting what the devs said to us. By their logic, I simply don’t think they’re going to make the heal gap between her and Mercy bigger by making Moira’s heals more consistent.


Well that’s why I’d like a five second fade, because she is on timing with Winston, but as a support, a higher priority target. Her self sustain was fine before. I’d rather her be more inclined to map awareness than 1v1s. But between fade and healing, I’d rather buff her healing first because despite the devs saying mercy was the “pure healer” that fits Moira more. So Moira should be more reliable while she can heal imo


She used too… but in classic blizzard style they nerfed slash called it bug fixing that right outta here.


I don’t care about Mercy in the context of healing output. Imo the devs have messed up mercy in a lot of ways but it’s nkt kn Moira. I mean Lucio out heals mercy in lower ranks… I think there’s more to Mercy’s issues than moira’s healing output nor that Lucio is now a primary healer…

Moira was fine with healing through barriers. It should be a viable choice between her, ana and mercy in terms of healing capability. Mercy has auto heals but lower, ana has distance burst but Los, Moira should have strong heals but in range. That range shouldn’t be cut off because of a barrier when her design counterpart doesn’t and she isn’t offering the utility of ana.


I wouldnt mind slightly better healing for Moira though I think she does quite well in that regard already, while on the other hands I never seem to have fade fast enough…ergo my thinking fade needs the buff over/before healing gets any buffs

But I do understand your point

On the healing through barriers thing - If I want/need to heal through barriers I use the yellow orb