What if Mercy healed +10 more


Yeah, I’ve run into his reddit account on my reddit account from time to time. I don’t link accounts generally since that can lead to too much personal information fast.


Fascinating. No comment. Seriously.

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You think it’s a coincidence that a month after I spam the devs with “healing per round” charts and suggest 50hps.

That the devs do 50hps, and use healing per round as their justification.

It could be :slight_smile:

Mercy, both 50hps and 60hps

Are you seriously trying to credit yourself as being the reason for Mercy’s healing revert?

Sorry, but that is truly amusing. :blush:

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Such… devotion, such an ego. I think after seeing this comment I won’t be able to take any of GreyFalcon’s responses seriously.


I can literally do this with any other hero…

Feel free to tell me…

I disagree.

Apparently not if every change they do is right…

I mean, would my old PS4 smurf account suffice?




Yep, it probably is a coincidence. :slight_smile:


We love a makeup community drama queen!


I’m open to the possibility that I could be wrong, and merely good at predicting what the devs will do. :slight_smile:

Was anybody else suggesting 50hps?


Can we please hereby promote GreyFalcon as a developer. Just a few weeks ago he stated the game should be balanced around gold and below. Two days later he says “it should be balanced around Diamond”. And now, the Gold Pharah main gives himself credit for balancing.

Such a devoted man… Such emotion

EDIT: /s


Like I said before, I was trying to explain how 85% of the playerbase has more of an impact than 15%, on the math of an “Overall Winrate”.

But I guess you can keep misinterpreting that if it makes you feel better :slight_smile:


A lot of Mercy haters have mentioned they wanted her healing reduced. I think you may want to think about what you’re saying, I understand wanting to feel special, but there are hundreds of others who have most likely proposed this outside of the forums. I don’t think you are solely to credit for the OW team’s decisions. It does sound a little silly.


Where did you leave the other part of my text.
Like this:

Gold and below is 60-ish %, not 85% according to the last RELIABLE statistics. More proof you are bending words the way they suit you.


You mean besides this person? Literally posted almost a year before you? Yes.

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You had to look all the way back 11 months, huh?

Can you point out to me the part of that thread that where it mentions healing per round?


You are using platitudes at this point…

Your original question was

I proved you wrong.

The fact remains, you were not the first one to make the suggestion. Simple as that, and thinking so is objectively false.

Sorry, you get no credit for reverting Mercy here. Many others have given the suggestion long before you. :blush:

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Completely ignored my reply because it proves him wrong.
Ahhh, typical GreyFalcon.

Inb4 “You weren’t worth my reply”, because hell, noone that proves him wrong is worth the reply


You do appreciate technicalities.


Irrelevant. You made a false claim as if it was fact, and it was merely disproven. But hey! Do keep thinking you were the reason for her 50hps nerf and the first to suggest it. I’m sure everyone believes you at this point. :slight_smile:

We are all winners here!

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Mostly because I have no idea what you’re talking about balancing the game around Gold.

And if it seemed that way, I must have just not written things clearly.