What if Mercy healed +10 more

To OP:

I’d be happy to just split the difference and get raised to 55hp per second

every little bit helps

Firstly, the general stereotype is that girls aren’t competitive therefore they don’t play such games. Secondly, the only reasoning behind stereotypes are individual experiences.

Now let’s say we are going after your individual experience. Would you still say that it’s 50/50?

I play in EU where mics are almost nonexistent. :man_shrugging:

She was awful before. Everyone wanted an Ana in the higher ranks. They reworked her because she wasn’t fun to play against and wasn’t very good.

She required even less skill than she does now. Her ultimate before required 0 thinking. What are you on? New rez actually requires thinking because you can’t just mindlessly start reviving anymore or you’ll die.

And the game is better for it.

Nope. I want a revert, because it’s already been proven to work with Mercy in the past, and the devs already reverted her recently. “If it’s tested to work before, there’s a good chance it will work again.” No equations or obtuse philosophy needed. That’s just a logical observation. You thinking is “improbable” is subjective opinion, of which is irrelevant in hindsight.

I’m sorry, did I not say that “fun is subjective?” And even then, in this case, you would once again be forgetting something fundamental…

This is a video game. Why do we play video games? To have fun. If you are generally not having fun playing a video game, It has officially failed it’s purpose - to entertain you. A lot of people have expressed that they find current Mercy unfun, and that is worth looking into. Period. Your assumptions on how “long” someone’s shot is is not important. What is important, is trying what works, and seeing how it’s received with tweaks. If those tweaks make a hero balanced but unfun to play - in a video game made to entertain you with fun… That tweak has failed it’s purpose.

We’ve tried this rework for a bit over a year now, and with over 11+ nerfs on the same hero, with her win-rates once again rising, it can be argued that it’s mostly failed. Mercy with Mass res hasn’t had nearly as many problems as this rework did (or as many nerfs). Those are most certainly facts. So, I don’t see the problem in at least giving it a shot before making generalizations.

No no, a revert would most certainly be an excellent solution. I would highly reccomend Titanium’s take on the hero with Mass rez. It’s truly a glorious combination of both fun and balance with the hero.

And with it being the All time Top thread in this forum, I’m sure a large amount of players agree.

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

Yeah, going on point and pressing Q sure required a lot of critical thinking. :rofl: Valkyrie is quantum physics by comparison. :joy:

Fun only matters when they use it. We can’t use fun as an argument cause it’s subjective. But ooooh boy don’t get them started on how current Mercy is so much un-fun and it suddenly matters. :rofl:



Any other ideas?


You’ve likely spent more time coming up with suggestions for Mercy changes while generally beating around the bush on why you want the changes than you’ve spent playing the character. Isn’t suggesting other players don’t want an honest discussion a little rich?

Your total time on Mercy is not very high to put it mildly and your most played other supports aren’t much higher from what I can tell. In all of 2018 you have won a grand total of two Quick Play matches as a support. In Competitive play in 2018, you’ve won a grand total of twelve matches as a support.

You average healing on the supports for the most part is below average so this isn’t a case where you mastered the section but just don’t like it.

You’ve made more than 20 topics about Mercy in the last two months alone.

Most of your suggestions seem to be attempts to avoid certain potential changes rather than attempts to actually move it in a specific direction.

It’s perfectly fine to dislike a character and want it to be changed but, this beating around the bush constantly is rather unreasonable.

The ability on the TF2 Medic was implemented so that players wouldn’t choose to die or run back to respawn rather than waiting to be healed. Due to the way it scaled so dramatically it would also produce interesting healing decisions where it would be more effective to heal specific characters that would take lower heal priority in other circumstances.

Those circumstances don’t really carry over to Overwatch where far more healing is present (and expected) and the ability to overheal is more limited.

The 20% increased healing change would potentially slightly pad stats but, I think it’d have a relatively limited impact on the support’s effectiveness.

It might cause tanks to become more annoying to play with. I don’t particularly want the tank to pull back so they can get an extra 20% healing.

I’m not sure tanks in general need buffs at the present and if they do I doubt this is one they’d want. I think most of their issues are in bugs that are getting fixed and that their counters tend to be annoying.

It’d also potentially be a buff to Rein as he’s probably the most likely tank to be able to avoid damage/help his team avoid damage for 4s. Orisa barriers break faster and let a little damage leak in. Rein’s the most selected tank already in comp and he’s highly used in QP as well.

I think the changes should remain as is for another week or two so that people can clearly see the success/the failure of the changes.

Putting lipstick on a pig still leaves you with a pig.

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Mercy Reverts:

“Error, doesn’t compute. :rofl:

PS. Love your name.


The improbable part is that you think the devs will ever substantially buff Rez.

Furthermore, comparing old Mercy to godtier Ana, or Dive meta exclusively at the top 5% of players, and then trying to say that’s evidence why a completely different healer meta would be balanced is rather bizarre if you stop to think about it.

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I feel like if they just increased the rate to 55 hp/sec she’s be okay, but I think Rez is kinda the issue here. It doesn’t scale with the player’s skill, so it’s almost always super strong. If they made it so ya had to fill a meter with healing before you could use it though, I don’t think that would be an issue

Yes, we don’t want Mass Rez back.

And what? How is this a bad thing? We don’t want mass rez back. Returning back to a already proven bad and unhealthy mechanic is not a solution. Personally I don’t even think Mercy needs any more buffs in all honesty, but if she has to receive something OP’s idea is not bad.

You shouldn’t state an opinion as a fact.

Which is happening now?

Her ultimate wasn’t fun to play against. All I got to say to that is, every ultimate is unfun to play against when pulled of successfully.

It got replaced with an ability that is only used when a teammate dies after or before a fight and when a teammate dies behind anything that obstructs LoS. That got paired with an ultimate that is almost impossible to flop…

That would literally mean that the Mercy would res every team she gets the chance to use her ultimate…

This is just hilarious. Resurrect on a 30 second cooldown literally encourages you to mindlessly start reviving people…

Is it though?

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Mercy’s in your matches pressed Q whenever they had the chance to? Also, mass Resurrect vs ultimate that is almost impossible to flop. Mass Resurrect is rocket science in comparison to Valkyrie.

Here’s my comp hours if you’re interested.


I also play in EU and when people are talking it’s always a male voice when i write to peoples i can make sure if it’s a male or female and for the most of the time it’s a male.

I also don’t have any female player on my btag of like 100 players which shouldn’t occur if we go after your 50/50 balance turn.
And honestly i don’t care with which gender i am playing as long as they are doing their job.

Yup, team dies after enemy uses some ults, Mercy flies in and presses Q. I even trained my 12 year old sister to do it. Imagine how complicated it was. :rofl:

No big deal, I was a pro SNES player at age 7.

It’s perfectly fine to have that view and to say it. It’s unreasonable to dance around the point like he is doing.

Some of his topics have just been picking numbers at random as suggestions.