What if Bastion had a temp shield like Hammond?

I played the game when he had shield so probably more than you.

Well, if that were to be true, you really Haven’t shown much improvement…

Bastion is Literally the most heavily countered hero in this game.
And no one can tell me otherwise.

Somebody said that Bastion mains just want more DPS than everyone instead of actual balance. In situations where Bastion is set up, he is supposed to do more DPS. But nobody said he should be a dominant DPS over the course of the game.

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I literally said he’s easily countered, can you not read? No wonder you spend your days on these forums.

Sure it would help, but it would still just make him an immobile Zarya-sized turret 90% of the time. Doesn’t add flexibility or mobility or anything like that, so while it sounds nice, I don’t really see it addressing the fundamental issues behind Bastion’s current unfortunate state.

Which makes your other statements… False.

Got it.

And yes, i can. :kissing_cat::ok_hand:
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The OP Is quite the informative read…

Widow is easily countered yet she has one of the best guns in the game. You’re opinions are all over the place and I’m tired of trying to talk to you. Have fun getting your overpowered/underpowered hero changed. I hope he stays as garbage as he is now. Horrid hero, never should’ve been in this game.

Or rework him but don’t delete turret?

What even are you trying to say? He’s easily countered so don’t buff him?

don’t bother with Trolls… .-.

this is all tiresome… all they want is the satisfaction of arguing.

Or we could make turret work?

Nobody ever said they want him meta.

And you can prove this how? In beta it was still beta, people hadn’t played a lot to learn things. They also went nuclear and deleted it instead of trying to balance it.

Then why is he considered a troll pick? because he’s worse than other dps? What if we made him equal with them? That’d work out fine. Nobody’s asking for an OP hero.

Um. What? I’m pretty sure having the highest dps usually means you’re supposed to have the highest damage. That’s like saying a Mercy isn’t supposed to heal more than a Soldier.

It’s not OP currently so guess what? It’s not OP.

I mean… I Kinda Understood what he means…

The mobile dps are supposed to lay down Constant Fire, Bastion is meant to deny areas… I can see what he meant at least.

Okay, yeah, I think I understand… he should have the highest DPS, but a Hanzo or something can still take a gold damage because Bastion has to swap modes a bunch making his damage less consistent…

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There’s a tradeoff here. People come to him, he doesn’t go to them. If people go to him, obviously he should have the highest dps because that’s just him. Pushing in recon is just a big target obviously doing less dps because you’ll spend more time healing.

The issue is even if they push into him as I think it was Chibi said Soldier can actually do more damage at about 25 meters.

He doesn’t do the most dps when people push into him, which is the issue.

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He may not need the highest dps Over all, in the entire game no matter what, But he Really does Need the highest dps in a 1v1 “You attacking me” Situation.

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