What if Bastion could move while in sentry form?

FIne if you want buff Bastion then give him -50% movement speed while in sentry form ok that deal?

I think they should just give his shield back. At verrrry low hp.

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Nope not should. His sentry is very powerful dps.

We talked about this years ago. It was called the “What if Bastion could scoot?” buff. Like he could just scoot just a little bit while in turret mode.

Everyone hated it.

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I can see why as well. It would seem silly when all Bastion needs is just a shield

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I mean, I’d love to be.
But you know; trash accuracy, no mobility, poor survivability, toxicity just for playing him… The list goes on and on.

Might I suggest checking the Bastion megathread or asking one of the more prominent Bastion mains a question before making that kind of comment?

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I tend to follow what Kolorblind says, since she plays them much better than anyone else seems to.

Sombra avatar telling others to “Learn” something LMAO.

Not sure if I understand, but okay lmao

You don’t understand that Sombra is a) mindless b) overpowered c) hero that doesn’t fit the game design? (which isn’t good to begin with but Sombra doesn’t make it better)

Ouch, might not want to tell the guys that since Kolor called everyone in the megathread idiots for suggesting Bastion is still garbage.

Shame that both statistical and anecdotal evidence are against Kolor here. While I fully respect her opinion, it does seem very close minded and in her latest video she constantly contradicts her points with the gameplay shown.

The main case being the “slow down” that Bastion brings, despite her footage showing the cart constantly in motion throughout Blizzard World.


Dude chill, this isn’t about Sombra.

You’re attacking an avatar…

Kolor is somewhat biased against buffing Bastion because of the whole “number one Bastion thing”. If Bastion were actually viable, then it would be easy to lose that spot, which has happened before, and he didn’t take it very well. Went on a rant about how Overbuff isn’t reliable, but whenever he was on top, Overbuff was reliable for some reason…

Did she? I didn’t know that.

Honestly, I’m on the fence about the whole Bastion debacle. If we buff him, we’re going to end up with something unfun. Just like the original Ironclad buffs.

That’s exactly what this is trying thread to avoid…? Allowing Bastion to move kinda stops the whole “sit in one spot all day” thing…

Well the thread is stupid and so is Sombra

I guess I should be more specific, I mean sitting in one ability all day. People are too reliant on sentry, just like how old Torb was too reliant on his turret.

ur face is stoopid lul

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