What happen in this game?!

overwatch kills itself the reasons:
mostly in skirmish and arcade (pathetic)
-match making
sometime you enter the match in the last 10s
-hero balance most heroes have no balance
-hero banned
the same heroes every time ,nothing new
-shields are useless
some ultimate’s pass the shield or the wall you behind and it will hit
suggestions and ideas
how to fix hackers/cheaters problem not sure a tool to scan the game files before you run it if the tool find something unknown in the game files you won’t be able
to run the game, and automatically report or banned him I don’t know if this is possible or not
hero banned
becomes randomly every week or day or match
tanks banned become 1-2 hero’s randomly
damage 3-4 hero’s and the waiting time becomes shorter
support 1-2 hero

give the option to changing servers in console

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Every online first-person action game will fight and struggle against cheaters. It is an ongoing war and Blizzard along with other game publishers will work together and with government agencies where possible to put a stop to those who exploit players into cheating. Even Riot Games’ Valorant has already had nasty problems in their fight despite their claims to be extremely aggressive against cheating and hacking. As always, if you suspect a player of cheating, report them using the in-game report tool or if you have information about any hacks, cheats, or exploits report them anomalously in an email to hacks@blizzard.com.

If you are referring to backfill, Game Director Jeff Kaplan did recently state they are looking to improve that experience, but backfill will remain a required part of all casual games modes in order to maintain a level of fun for all players. Backfill is not used for Competitive game modes.

Blizzard has many cheat detection features in their game clients and in the BattleNet app launcher. Again, they have to work to keep these updated against the ever evolving changes that hackers make for their programs.

I would note, that you have a lot of incomplete sentences and poor grammar so it is difficult to make out what else you are talking about. I often recommend that when you have a lot to say to try to type it out on your computer and not use a cell phone (which I am under the impression you did). This will help everyone be able to understand what you are talking about.


I think it had more to do with 222. All of that has been happening since the beginning.

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That’s a passive aggressive reply at the end coming from support. What’s the punitive action you experience for a reply like that? I’m sure not everyone speaks English as their first language.

Their post was comprehensible and your additional comment was not called for.