What goes into your comp score

Does anyone really know how the ranking system works in competitive, like does it take into account, Kills, dmg, healing, wins, time on objective, how you performed…I have been playing from season 5 of ow1 on and off and never understood it. Like today my brother and I played the whole time together and after 6 wins 1 loss and another win I got placed bronze 2 and he got silver 3… can someone please explain the mechanics behind how they rank your position. Or send me an article as I can’t find one. Thank you

No one knows. Sorry, just gotta pray that Blizzard reveals their algorithm (which is really unlikely). Until then, your best option is to try to optimize the stats shown on the scoreboard on the faith based assumption that those stats matter more than the hidden ones. No clue how utility like speed boost is calculated.

I was afraid of that lol, oh well. Thank you

The calculation is most probably still based on W/L (speculation): Addressing the Bronze 5 issue all in one thread

Other stats might be used to match you with similar people within the ranks.

Blizzard has actually patented their ranking system. I don’t remember what the number of the patents are, but you can look them up. It will give you a small idea of what goes into it. Other than that, blizzard has never publicly stated how your SR is calculated (really your hidden MMR).

If you look through the old posts, I remember somebody in the OW1 days did a very complex analysis of all the stats with win/losses in a large spreadsheet to try and find where there was correlation. They were able to show that some things outside of wins/losses did seem to affect your SR gain/loss.

Maybe some nice person with more time than me will be able to dig up and find the link.

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Thank you very much, ill try and dig this up, i would really love to know. Thanks again