What forum logic do you hate the most?


Let’s put it this way: being support means trusting your team to get things done. And trust isn’t something you normally give to 5 strangers.

More accurate would be “worth” anything. Like DPS aren’t achieving anything by shooting wall and not enemies, supports and tanks aren’t achieving anything by supporting teammates, who are not getting things done.

It’s also one of the points, where medals clash with victory: to win means healing capable players, to earn medals - heal player taking most damage.


this widow headshot me, must be hacking.
It’s completely obvious!

Replies: “???”


That people had a bad experience more than once with off meta compositions, so it exists 100% of the time.

I’m now annoyed hearing people say 4-1-1 and 5-1-0 is the plight of this game for them game after game, and then I find out the actual occurrence of them is pretty slim… In Quickplay.

Edit: So, are people stating that higher levels of competitive (because I’m silver, so I’m assuming it’s going to be higher level than me) is worse than Quickplay?


The one that disagrees with mine!


Gotta love when people wait until she comes flying in at “sonic speed” and then complain that they couldn’t kill her when she does.

If only you could shoot her before hand as she’s daintily walking around with literally no one to use her mobility to.

But nah, gotta just stand around on point and let her fly to you, then complain that you can’t kill her before she flies to you.

And don’t even get me started on the CC


(And to go off of this)

“Tracer/Genji are the worse/selfish”

Now I dunno if it’s cause I don’t play comp but Tracer/Genji players are some the sweetest and nicest players (next to Roadies) that I have EVER played with.


Remember when people said Apex Legends would kill Overwatch?



I love my low skill floor main, please buff them but don’t raise the skill floor


Yes, along with Anthem, Fortnite, Lawbreakers, and Black Ops 4. I’m pretty sure someone even
threw Mortal Kombat in the mix.


I mean I like Mk a lot but I wouldn’t proclaim it’ll steal all the players and kill off a team based character shooter :crazy_face:

Anthem was dead on arrival. The roadmap and negative press is proof alone. The Fallout 76 Bioware edition.

As for Fortnite idgaf :man_shrugging:

Lawbreakers did steal all of Umbrella corps player count. All 6 people, then they moved on.

Lastly BO4 is just another COD game, we get one every year so it’s not like they’ll be taking many players off. If anything they’ll be taking players from Infinite Warfare and previous COD games more so.


We get people asking for outrageous nerfs on the most under performing heroes in the game.

It doesn’t work that way. She can’t hack him before the slam. Doom has to screw up the engagement for Sombra to get the hack off.


They were 2 separate statements just in the same sentence comparing the two situations. Also, she has infinite invisibility. She can get around him and everyone else easily enough.


Ok fair enough - But, even if you hear him coming from across the map, Sombra CAN’T 100% disable him if she is the target - she will just die.

I think you should take up Sombra for a bit.


Good, she shouldn’t.


I think you need to play as Sombra for a bit. You will get a MUCH clearer idea of how much she counters people, and how much it feels like she counters people.

People think she is better at countering people than she is.

There is a lot of Forums Sombra going around.


I love it when I’m fending off a red team Doomfist as a hero he counters by proper kiting. I can rope a dope most of them as Zen just by playing near any pillar.


I laughed…but seriously Winston killed me…in skirmish…he needs to go.


I can see how what I said can be misunderstood. Doomfist revving up can be heard from a good distance away. Sombra has the capability to completely disable everything about his kit. That is the difference that I meant.

I have enough time on her to know she isn’t easy. That doesn’t change the fact that she is capable of 100% disabling Doomfirst and basically outright kills Hamster. I have both of her achievements now so I am never touching that trash hero again.


That I agree with :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree there too, and I don’t like hard counters in the game, and Sombra is MOST CERTAINLY one.

However, where people take that to mean she is OP, then, I have a REAL problem with that.


I wouldn’t say that exactly. What pro’s do isn’t play the best hero and team comps possible in any given situation. What they play is the “safest” possible choices. Even if a hero might do really well, counters the enemy team perfectly they won’t play it if it lacks against another team. Say Team A has a 60% win rate against Goats but only 40% vs double sniper.

Most Pro teams would play Goats even if it only had a 50% win rate against both due to the averages. Thus they are not picking the best hero’s to face the team they are fighting, they are picking the safest option to the most possible scenario’s.