What Ever Happened To The Old Forums?

Are they still around? Why did we get these new forums?

We’ve had these forums since 2018, your thread is about 4 years late

But no, you cannot access the old forums unless you have archives of it


Why did they completely get rid of the old forums?

because it’s pointless to have two separate forums?

To remove the downvote button.

that’s all? there was no other reason?

There’s reasons to move to a new forum but as for deliberately not keeping the old one, who knows? Maybe they were super cheap or wanted to bury things or just didn’t want to confuse people googling for the forums.

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Definitely. Yep. Can’t be anything else.

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We still can down vote.

It’s called False Flagging :skull: :joy:

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The new forums brought in new features for us, the end-users, and is a more updated platform to today’s current HTML standards. If it matters, I maintain an archive of all developer and Blizzard responses from the old forums which you can review in my Dev Post Directory here:

If you wish to learn all of the cool features we players can have potential access to, check out my guide on the World of Warcraft forums here:


i actually remember blizzard’s world of warcrafts old forums way back in 2006-2007 heh. i was on a small role-playing server called sisters of elune. hell of a time since the community all knew each other and we would see our characters ingame and on the forums (every realm had their own server forum). of course there was tons of drama but also comedy and intrigue. was one of my favorite times in any online game

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