What even is this!?!?!?


Knowing Blizzard, they increased the healing to compensate for the removal of 1-shot combo on Tracers.


If you’re gonna keep saying “leeching leeching leeching” maybe talk about it instead of expecting people to look up your definition of it. It’s apparently a big problem.


She is officially a front line healer now.

I wonder if they buffed her healing to make up for the lack of damage and sort of neglected the impact it will have to goats along the way.

Because honestly, that feels like buff to goats.


Oh God no more. This cancerous spam needs to go


Winston,moira, brig can still deal with her but less,high charge Zarya,pharah,Mei


Goats got nerfed hard with the shield nerfs. Brig can’t stun the rein and combo with shatter anymore. Sure, if the team is uncoordinated goats can still dominate, but it’s gonna fall off quickly, brig was a major player in it.


And then Brigitte’s 150 HP and 75 armor insta-heal will be nerfed, hooray!


She is basically better Reaper than Reaper right now just because his guns are more effective up close.


The combo was part of GOATS but survivability was another. Armor and healing. Now she became even more “tanky” and so will the rest around her. It is not like the tanks have bad damage output either.

Who needs a dps with no burst damage when your tanks can survive fights longer ?

What I think right now is the horror to play heroes like soldier76 unless someone plays Pharah instead of an off tank just to excuse the dps hitscan pick from your side.


Currently Brig heals 80 hp over 5 seconds. 80 divided by 5= 16

With the leeching buff it becomes 100 hp over 6 seconds. 100 divided by 6= 16.667

That’s a 0.667 increase in leeching power. I’m not sure how much of a difference that will make but right now it doesn’t sound very noticeable.


For the record if you do the math, her ability to leech is just barely better.

Currently inspire heals for 80 health total over 5 seconds. They’re changing it to 100 health total over 6 seconds.
80 / 5 = 16
100 / 6 = 16.667

All the inspire buffs do is just give her an easier time of keeping it running… but… that wasn’t really a problem.


Where does these heroes counter a smart Tracer. Smart Tracers will thrive now again in the wild. Brigitte was made to suppress a smart Tracer to an degree.


“I don’t like it that the game rewards skill”


You misunderstand how the Repair Pack ability works. It does a flat 150 health heal PERIOD. If your target has max health or is healed to max and still being healed with this ability, it will give them temporary armor up to 75 armor.

In your situation where you describe getting a 200 HP hero down to 50 health, that hero would only be healed up to 200HP and gain NO ARMOR from Repair Pack.

The lowest a 200HP hero can be to gain full 75 armor from the ability is 125 health. If they were say, 100 health, then they would be fully healed and given 50 temporary armor.

Perhaps your anger over the hero and their abilities is connected to your lack of knowledge on the mechanics of said hero.


Well then I pray you don’t get the chance to find out how much worse this is. Sure the numbers make it look not as bad but if you’ve actually taken the time to play her you know this over shadows the SB nerf.

Like I said, I warned you all…


I’m glad that you see how obnoxious the ability is, 150 insta-healing is ridiculous.


Tracer’s kit does rewards playing smart but it is also really overloaded and will likely need a nerf with this going through.


In what way do any character really require that high of skill in the game.


Heroes like genji and tracer take skill along with other heroes like Reinhardt,mccree,widow,old hanzo,Ana,zen,etc.


Tracer won’t even get an nerf at all if she does come back. But get the popcorn ready and salty if she comes back and people get upset if it happens.