What even is this!?!?!?

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…so instead of her being in a place to to be a back line protector, you make her able to leech for even longer?! Blizz are you even thinking when you make these changes??? Brigs biggest issue is she can stay on top on someone forever and swing till away till they die and there is nothing they can do themselves to stop it. So now she can’t hard counter tracer BUT she can leech everyone else even better now. Good job…

Don’t even know why we bother anymore…

EDIT: So apparently a lot of people never played Pokemon at all so I have to explain this.

Leeching: the ability to take hp away from an enemy to give to yourself while attacking.

…you guys still don’t see why this is bad? I mean you could’ve asked ANY Brig main and they’d tell you this but most of probably hate them too much to talk to them.


Did they really just remove the damage from her shield bash???


Now her skill set matches her kit in a way.


They are making her less of an offensive hero and buffing her heals. Interesting.


They just nerfed brig hard with that shield bash damage reduction. No more 1 shot combo.

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We don’t need a dps hero who is almost impossible to kill in a 1v1 with most dps heros.


I don’t even know what to say here. The interaction with shields was more than enough. Once again they go WAY TOO FAR.


Oh no, how ever will she Peel, with only 4 Peeling abilities?


Support are just heal slaves. No real capabilities to defend themselves but to hop to DPS or Tank


So I guess NONE of you understand how leeching works…

Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Brig primary 35 + Whip shot 70+ shield bash 5=110 total damage. Tracers rejoice!

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Look up what leeching is, because they just made that even stronger. That was the issue with her for every other hero on the roster.

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I have no idea! Where is the nerf to her 150HP + 75 armor insta-heal that shuts down everything that isn’t an ultimate?!

No they went exactly as far as they needed to, she will finally be balanced and your crutch is gone. Thank goodness

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Way too many of you are so blinded by your hate for her you don’t even realize SB wasn’t the problem with her. Leeching was, which was just made even stronger.

But keep naively celebrating, you’ll be back whining even worse later.


Thats not at all how that ability works…

The new hero is going to have active AoE attacks.

They nerfed Brig to make the new hero and Brigitte combo not OP.

No Evidence, just a hunch.

I don’t agree with the buffs but I do agree with the shield bash damage reduction, I feel like she didn’t need the buffs because her healing was fine already

Brigitte throws a Repair Pack that can heal an ally. Any healing over that ally’s maximum health provides them with armor instead. This armor does get removed after some time if not destroyed.

200 HP flank is targeted, my 1 clip has them down to 50 HP, oh snap, now my target has 200 HP and 75 armor. Let me pull off for a second to reload, oh crap Brig is closing in to defend the hero, I need to back off, Brig leaves the hero so I attack them again, 200 HP flank is targeted, my 1 clip has them down to 50 HP, oh snap, now my target has 200 HP and 75 armor again.

I give it a week before people like you are back to crying about tracer having no counters…