What does the white box in the debug screen symbolize


Been getting huge lag spikes recently, i see this white box occur, and the spikes are usually worse in game (rather than practice range).

i have a video of it but i can’t post the link here


Are you talking about a white shaded area that scrolls across the NetGraph when you have it enabled? That is an indication that your computer taking longer than expected to process data received from the server. If you are seeing this frequently, check this troubleshooting guide:



the graph you bring up with ctrl shift n, there’s lots of horizontal lines that stay stable for a while, then at the top portion of the graph a large white box appears and travels from the right side of the screen to the left. again i have a video to be more precise, but i can’t post the link.

edit: my sim value jumps when the rectangle appears


Yeah that is called the NetGraph.


if you go to gyfcat dot com / FatLittleChickadee you can see the video. also, i’ve tried everything in the troubleshooting guide and still have issues. opened a ticket earlier and it made my issue happen less often, but its still occuring


I might also recommend taking a look at my guide, it goes through a lot of optimizations you can take that go beyond the scope of the official troubleshooting guide: