What does the new mouse setting do?

So it only took them 3.5 years to implement “raw mouse input” option for their FPS game, lmfao.

i want to know what “slight performance cost” means.

Every serious FPS game has raw mouse input on release and it doesn’t take a toll on performance, at all. It’s like saying “if you stack a napkin on top of those boxes, they’ll be heavier”.

raw input has been a thing since launch

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I am guessing is a “fix” like Gsync and Freesync are for FPS and monitors but on the mouse level?
I mean sure if your polling rate is stupidly high and your actual FPS are low, you will be experiencing A LOT of imput lag. This will solve it since it will “match” or interpolate to make your actual movements point to point accurate.

For those with more than 60 fps , around 125+ … dont think it will make any difference? Will have to test it on the PTR.

Right now the game reads mouse input at your framerate. This means that framerate drops lead to your aim being jumpy and laggy, and in an unpredictable way that you can’t learn to compensate for. This new setting fixes that.

Where is the option to enable/disable it exactly?

wow if they finally did something about this games terrible input lag i’ll be impressed

Won’t it be like Raw input in CSGO?

i tried ptr. aiming did feel slightly better and more responsive couldn’t tell if it was placebo effect but if not it should be a buff to all aim characters.

higher polling rate leads to worsen aim for novice people.

yep, higher hz, more shaking is translated to the pc from your mouse movement assume it is new player (who shakes while aiming), so in that case, lower hz actually helps smoothing out the curve.

thats why i stick to 500hz for now. but many pro has been using 500 for their life,in the end of the day it really comes down to personally preference once you understand it. and trail and error for whos new to this topic.

accrouding to many highspeed camera test, OW has one of the best input lags.

unless you are talking about beta phases thats like years ago.

What you are referencing is DPI. Too high a DPI setting will reflect in all the irregularities of your hand movement. Where a lower DPI will use less data and therefore be relatively straighter. Not sure how much it impacts, but when I dropped from 800 dpi to 400 dpi my aim got more consistent. I did not expect a change as the edpi is still the same but there definitely is one in consistency.
(very honestly I only really notice it on Widow or McCree)

Putting my polling rate to 125 and dpi remaining at 1600, it makes it far harder to be precise with movements on the mouse compared to when it’s set at polling rate 1000.

How do you even play with that low dpi? You’ll have to drag the mouse a lot.

I have about 15-16 inches to move my mouse.
I doubled my ingame sense when I made the change. (7.02 now from the old 3.51, I know it is still very slow)
So essentially I still play at the same edpi, the only thing that changed is how much I have to move my hand/arm in Windows. :stuck_out_tongue:

mine has 3 settings, 125, 500 and 1000, it was set to 500, i moved it to 1000, cant tell the difference yet… razer basilisk

I have a Razer Ourboros
And played at 1000 when I first got it.
Nowadays I play at 500 for 2 reasons, it uses less battery in wireless, and Razer has some issues with 1000hz over time.