What does the new mouse setting do?

They added a new mouse setting on PTR but wanted to know what it does


YES! I was wondering the same thing! What does it mean?

what new mouse setting

PTR introduced this:

so its just going to use your mouse’s default polling rate instead of a default one overwatch uses?

polling rate is how much the mouse will refresh the position on the mousepad (higher is better)

but idk if overwatch overrides that and puts it at 1000hz

This means if your mouse supports, and is set to, a higher polling rate (I believe the standard is 250-500 per second), Overwatch will use the higher polling rate your mouse is set to.

More polls, more times per second that the computer is asking for status updates from your mouse. Once you start using polling rates above your graphics card’s framerate it starts approaching diminishing returns until it’s almost completely unnoticeable/placebo since literally of us dont have 1000 fps monitors to take advantage of that polling rate.

There’s a popular theory that even though your graphics card isn’t rendering it, your computer is still calculating inputs and whichever input coincides with tbe timing of your frame render, the latest input is used for that frame that is rendered. That theory though, is largely untested.

This might however change the appearance of replays which are stuck at 60 tick… so it would be a slight change to how flicks and fads movements look on a highlight.


Does this mean aiming got a buff?


How does one know their mouses polling rate…?

Most gaming mice manufacturers post the polling rate as part of their mice’s spec listing, and then also have gaming software you can download that allows you to customize the polling rate further.

Razer, Corsair, and Logitech all do this, and I imagine Roccat, Steelseries, and HyperX all do this as well.

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I guess it means that now mouse polling rate is not tied to game fps.

higher polling rate leads to worsen aim for novice people.


What? This statement makes no sense at all.

That depends if a game has a default set of polling rate.

On or off for optimal accuracy? All I need to know.

If you hand shakens (bad aim) with high polling rate all youll get is very shaken aim.

I think you’re mixing up dpi and polling rate. Polling rate is simply how many times you mouse communicates with the pc in a certain time span.

Bad aim coupled with a high sens = spaz fest.

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Edit: Scratch this post i think it’s my imagination.

Exactly. More often it refreshes - more often it will give you erratic aim.

I think you’re mixing up dpi and polling rate.

Players tested dpi and polling rate influence since long ago, like 2002 when you had to use hacks to alter it in mouses.

I don’t understand that logic. The mouse cursor goes where you place it, the refresh rate has nothing to do with hand/eye co-ordination?

Best papa a polling rate lower than 500hz will cause imput lag and make you aim worse. You don’t really understand what you’re talking about.

Shaky hands cause shaky aim, no matter what the polling rate.