What does the "make wiki" tool do for trust 3?


While looking at a post while trust level 3 there’s a little wrench at the bottom of a post that has a tool in it that says “make wiki”. If you click on it it just does something weird (I undid it immediately in case I was messing stuff up.)

Before I do anything with it, I wanted to know what it even does?


As far as i know, all level 3 users can edit wiki’s. Even if that post is made by other person. For example, this reply is wiki, and available for edit.

Update: I have disabled wiki mode from this post, as i don’t want to keep an eye on this comment anymore (to ensure no one abuses it). I’m leaving all the edits below. Send reply if you want your comment removed from this post.

Edit: Wow I see no way this can be abused at all by anyone in existence. (edited by Xaron)

Edit2: looks like i get notifications for edits. Good to know! -KVKH


Edit 3: That’s legit. One could almost have a public chatroom on a post by simply editing in the next response (edited by Xaron)

Edit 4: I’m level 2 and I can edit it -Dr4gon97

Edit 5: IDK what level i am, but i can edit it too -VampirkoO

Edit6: Rip my inbox if this thread becomes popular. -KVKH

Edit 8: It’s not your usual post, you can’t edit others post in this thread for example -VampirkoO

Edit 9: I get what it does, but what can you use it for? - FaneL

Hello there - Morrov555

General Kenobi! -KVKH (yep, i’m fan of prequel memes)

Why can I edit this? Ivan

Because that’s how this wiki feature works. -KVKH

Edit10: Lohcke was here

Ooo. I found out how to shrink images :smiley:
<img src=[image/gif link] height=42> The width scales to fit the image to the new size.


Thank you for that, that’s actually feature i needed! -KVKH


Ohhhh, it’s just editable by all L3s then…

Why would we do this?


In case inaccurate info was shared I suppose? Besides, I’m sure it tells at least the mods who edited a wiki, so if someone made something naughty they’d get punished


There is, definitely an edit button there.


I imagine you could make thread like “All known Doomfist hero X bugs” or something like that, where everyone could edit in examples etc.

I use wiki feature for this thread, to give an example of post using wiki.


Yes, I did edit this. I wanted to try it out and that seemed like an appropriate testing place.


Us 2s can edit it too!!


Feel free to try it there, i can disable it if i see it abused in some way. I get notifications for edits after all.


Disable it like deleting the post?


I can disable wiki feature and leave the post up.


Interesting. I wonder how far we can edit posts. Can we touch Admin posts?


It seems the post has to be specified as a wiki post to be able to edit it, so as long as none of them do that we cannot go mess with it.


Nice eye. Thanks for pointing that out.


Thank you for the information.


Lol whut. Where did this come from?