What does the Flash Indicator option do?

If you have an NVIDIA Reflex enabled GPU you will find an option to enable the “Flash Indicator.” When enabling this option a small white square will be displayed when your primary fire button is first pressed. For users who have Reflex Latency Analyzer equipped monitors, you can use the flash indicator in conjunction with Geforce Experience to get real-time measurements of your total system latency. It is important that the flash indicator be displayed with our without Reflex enabled so that users can understand their total system latency in all scenarios.

NVIDIA also has a post to help provide some insight, here: https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5175


To locate the NVidia Reflex option, go to Options > Video and you will see it just below the Display Performance Stats/Advanced Performance Stats options. I believe the option will only appear for systems that are equipped with a compatible graphics card.


If dont have GPU that has REFLEX im using a GTX 1050 Ti would i still be able to use this through the game

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I have a 1050 ti so yes you’ll be able to use this option, you can use it for Apex and WZ as well if you play those games.

More info about what nVidia Reflex does is available on their site: