What does Symmetra need?

Rarely suggested, but definitely needed. 250 total hp in some combination.

Her old shield gen can be viable. give it a faster charge and lower shield given value. and allow her to re position it without it having to be destroyed by someone.

Immobile construct are only viable if they are easily replaced and low value. the hero needs to hold the majority value.

That one has been suggested by myself and many others.

My suggestion was that while damaging a shield or barrier she can overcharge her shield by up to 50 more health. The rate of shield building would be some fraction of her damage to the shield or barrier, so as she gets up to max DPS she builds shield at a faster rate.

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They are not worth an entire ultimate, and the charge time was already insane, she could get a new tp within 10 seconds or so if all your turrets were up at the same time.

Time already proved that the Tp and shield gen were both garbage. This rework is also garbage, but getting rid of those two was a step in the right direction.

Needs a way to survive, give her 250 total hp, let her recharge shield when using primary OR gain shield when using primary up to 275.

Make turrets an actual threat, reduce their damage by a lot (1/2-3/4) and make them disable dash/jump abilities when in them. Add the left over damage back to Symm’s primary. Nothing like having 60 dps for 1.67 seconds while a character like Mccree, who is considered bad, gets to do 210 bodyshot damage in that same time.

Fix the cast times. The 1.5 second cast times on almost everything is pathetic. It was a lock and key for when she was support and she does not need those as a DPS. It’s fun, for example, putting your ultimate up but still dying and seeing your corpse flop down as the ult still casts.

Fix the tp so it can actually be useful. 3+ seconds just to use it, a tiny interact, the railing and hill bugs it has.

The ult is more often than not hot garbage. You move her to dps but give her the biggest support ult there is? At least lower its cast time or let it slow and do Mei level damage to enemies who touch it.

Then there’s those orbs. One second to charge, moves as one of the slowest projectiles in the game, and has to share a hitbox with splash damage so they more often than not either do <60 damage or have hit reg errors and glide through enemies. You can’t even use the orbs to land at your feet for the splash damage or hit people behind shields because they though giving them a two meter splash radius was good.

As a base, her TP absolutely needs buffs. Any high ranked Sym main, while they may disagree about damage, survivability, etc, ALL agree that the tp needs help.

It needs to deploy at least 0.5s faster.
It needs to have 1-2m added to the interact radius.
It needs to have self-destruction bugs fixed ASAP.

Sym absolutely needs the above changes without question. As for my own optional opinions:

90dps instead of 60 for stage 1 beam.
Perhaps barrier overheal from damaging enemy barriers.
Perhaps 50 more hp.
Perhaps a 25 shield aura. Providing shield hp was the only aspect competely gutted from her kit.


On the topic of reverting her to a utility/support/tank role, I have many ideas. One is the architect revert, where she could build many buildings that have different uses, and has a “resource” mechanic in which she can only have a certain power from the different mixes of buildings. For example, a turret can be 2 photon units, a trap could also be 2 photon units, a small barrier could be 1 photon units, while a big wall can be 3 photon units. Perhaps 6 photon units maximum. This would slow down her kit, and make her more intelligence-based, so I don’t know if the developers would go in this direction.

Another idea is shield-based support hero. Either Symmetra, or her turrets, have an aura of 25 shields. Her primary fire regenerates nearby shields when hitting an enemy, making Symmetra a psuedo-healer hybrid.

Another idea is making her a healer, tank, and DPS all in one, combining barriers, shield-based healing, and her damage into an equal balance, increasing her flexibility in more situations.

There are so many different opinions on Sym that i don’t think they can make any change without upsetting a large group of people. If I can just speak for myself, I would like them to make her tp more consistent and reliable. They should make it appear on her feet all the time so she doesn’t have to walk up to use it. I’d also like them to increase the radius you can enter it and decrease the deploy time. This would make it more viable as an escape tool especially from a grav. When her new tp was first teased we all envisioned it being an escape from grav but it absolutely isn’t.

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What Symmetra needs is a playerbase that can look past previous iterations and see how valuable the current one truly is. Current sym is far better then most are willing to admit because so many people have grown accustomed to considering her a troll pick despite her condition being the best it has ever been.

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I agree 100% this is Symmetras biggest weakness by far. The way people perceive Symmetra is what makes her a bad pick most of the time.

Exactly, Her teleporter for instance is one of the STRONGEST abilities in the game. The only time it becomes weak is when her team fails to utilize it. Which primarily occurs because players think she is not valuable.

Resulting in a “self fulfilling prophecy”. Because people perceive her as a troll pick they make her a troll pick by not supporting or playing alongside her.

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I mean it also becomes weak when it gets placed out of your range in a grav, insta deletes cause you were 2 close to a wall, a payload gets close to it so its gotta die cause it couldnt possibly be pushed to the side.

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They also need to make it so the tele deploys under her instead of infront of her, it will make it easier to tp turrets and tp out of gravs.

I mean, sure. Bugs do make things harder to use. Every character has to deal with some level of this.

This does not change the fact that teleporter is still one of the strongest abilities in the game.

Use Symmetra on payload maps, on defense, and you will rake in all the gold medals.

Its not?

Even speedboost is better to avoid chokepoints.

Why do you think the best players in the world dont play her? They literally used her only to get to the point then they straight up swapped her.

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That, but I’d allow the +50 shield to be temp from stealing with the Primary Fire.

I still think if you just give Sym +50 shield, then you’re not really going to enable the Primary Fire, you’re just going to enable the current playstyle of Alt Fire with more sustain.

Put in some risk for a reward.

Changes based on what and where you are fighting. The goal for winning is just as often taking the high ground as it is getting past a choke. Or even both at the same time.

Not to mention situations where the damage output from the enemy team is so high that the burst of speed from lucio is negated by losing teammates as you cross the gap.

Sym’s teleporter is stronger in many situations due to the fact that it changes her teams exposure to incoming fire during a choke push or long vertical/horizontal push accross distances from 100% to ZERO. Which allows her team to conserve their cooldowns and other resources for the actual engagement instead of using them just to engage.

Yes, Lucio’s speed is strong. But it cannot beat the 100% reduction in exposure that Sym’s teleporter creates for heavy ranged damage engagements.

I love that idea.

A better primary fire. It’s pretty ridiculous that Zarya and Symmetra have exactly the same primary fire, except Zarya has a greater maximum damage and has an easier time meeting her max damage condition. Only the Overwatch balance team would give a DPS and a tank identical weapons and make the tank’s version better.