What does Symmetra counter?


Tanks. I love to play sym against tanks. (especially dva)


Winning. (20charaters)


Would be amazing if sym gained 100 shield / sec up to 200 shield when shooting a barrier. Imagine her switching targets from dps to “healing” herself. Could be a fun mechanic. Or an utter disaster but she’s that already so.


She doesn’t counter anything anymore. She is just a shell of what she used to be. No real strength. This would change if Blizzard actually gave us what they said they would for Symmetra 3.0 but they lied then edited out most of their statements from their posts. Talk about spineless, disingenuous low lifes.


She is basically the worst hero in the game for killing her own turrets, lmao have you even tried to destroy them with her primary. Symmetra is such a joke now. Her average winrate, pickrate, and orb kills are down from her last version. Only thing that is up is her overall damage which might I add is clearly not as impactful. She is far less consistent now.


Tanks. Her level 3 is easy to get against them and it shreds through everything (Even moreso with damage boosts)


I mean not really. Her survivability is terrible now and the setup time alone is terrible. By the time she can even put pressure on tanks the cost to do so is usually high. Before Symmetra 2.0 could just spam orbs with little worry and put far more pressure on tanks. Her constency of damage with her primary and significantly better survivability allowed her to be more effective against tanks beyond that. Only lower ranks is Symmetra 3.0 “effective” against tanks with any even remotely consistent nature because they don’t know what they are doing and let Symmetra walk all over them. I’ve seen people say but look at Stevoo, I have he is largely useless against tank meta which Symmetra and her primary are “supposed” to be so strong. On the videos he posts which are of course his good games, he only does anything 20-30% of the total match. That’s very poor in consistency and no where near good enough to say she is strong against tanks now. That’s barely holding your own level.


The key to destroy her turrets is not to use her trash primary. Use low charged secondary instead, or even melee.

If you have your turrets placed enemy Symmetra won’t even have a chance to place her turrets, as they will just be melted by yours.

You can charge her primary out of her giant butt wall and her teleporter.

1 low charged secondary is enough to stop her turret bomb.

You can detect preemptively where her nest is placed by throwing a turret or her tp.

So yes. Symmetra counters Symmetra more than most of the cast. If not everyone.


Okay, well I respectfully and humbly disagree.

But look at Luminum.


Your SR. /j

I think devs ment for her to be barrier buster with her own barrier as ultimate. I dont think they got memo that short range squishy with long ramp up primary is rather awful barrier buster. Even Bastion is better.


I don’t care about Luminum. I’ve taken 5 sym only accounts solo to t500 and 3 more to masters/gm. I was also the first Symmetra player to get into t10. I have a very good grasp of Symmetra and her mechanics and scope. Perhaps my explanations aren’t eloquent or thorough enough and that’s my fault but I’m not going to waste all day writing a book on here and explain every possible aspect and reasoning for why I say what I do.


Okay, and I don’t care that you’re allegedly a top 10 Symmetra god or whatever (On the old Symmetra though, right?)

Nope. The problem is you’re trying to use your opinion to change my opinion which is based on my experiences.


You know who she counters? Herself. That’s it. And it’s literally not even like how it was before where it was a matter of who can get the jump on who first in a sneak attack, it’s literally “oh you want to put turrets there? How cute zap” which is just idiotic. Whoever thought it was a fantastic idea to put so much power into her automated turrets that are nowhere near as impactful as Rez to warrant the 30 second cool down should be fired.

This whole rework though was a disaster. It killed my enjoyment of the game. I tried and tried to make it work but it just doesn’t. The devs don’t care about Symmetra, and as evident by their crap rework they literally could not give a single duck about the disabled players who flocked to her originally. I used to play Overwatch nonstop because of how 2.0 fit me like a glove, and now I literally have to stop after a game or two because my hand locks and hurts.

The devs only reworked her because they got officially called out in the owl (it was a Dorado map, and it was literally a fun fact Symmetra had a goose egg pick rate) and it was just a halfassed effort to turn her into a fricken taxi just for her to tp back to spawn and change to a mobile meta hero.

Look at the care and attention Hanzo got, and then look at Symmetra, and try to tell me Symmetra is in a better place. She’s not, and the only accuracy in that is that Symmetra is dead.

I’m done. I still will probably play Overwatch once in a while but at least Dbd listens to their players and actually continues to update their game.


Luminum is not even close to Stevoo. I shouldn’t have to point that out, hence why I don’t care, it’s irrelevant to bring up.

All experience isn’t good experience, hint hint.


Yet he somehow manages to maintain a rank in high masters (?) while primarily using the primary fire.
And you believed bringing up your own “qualifications” was relevant?

Experience is good experience when the experience is good, hint hint.


Which is contradicted by literally every Symmetra stat in existence. Raw data >>>>>>>> Your QP matches


And why am I supposed to care about some stats when referring to my personal opinion based on my personal experiences?


Me: Here is a video followed by scientific analysis that explains that water is wet

You: Well in my experience water is very dry, it’s my opinion idc about your proof


Honestly, not trolling, but how on earth do you keep from getting attacked for running Sym in GM? I am maining her on an account, and even though I usually do well (silver or gold damage, elims, helping create space), I sometimes get a negative team comment and that is in mid-gold… ironically last time from an underperforming Widow iirc… or Hanzo, one of the two…


Actually it’s more like

You: Here is a video followed by “scientific analysis” that explains that water tastes bad.

Me: Well in my experience water tastes very good, it’s my opinion I don’t care about your “proof”

There is no proof that contradicts the fact that I personally do well against tanks with Symmetra. None at all.