What does Overwatch have against mayhem and no limits?

Jeff, please save Overwatch, or release the WoW Classic Beta.


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Hot take: I think the arcade is actually kinda obsolete because of Custom Games, especially with the Workshop coming soon. I think they should be combined in some way, along with the server browser UI being improved in general. Jeff brings up a good point saying that Total Mayhem belong in Custom Games. I don’t see the point in Arcade at all at this point.

Maybe it could basically just be a way to showcase the best Custom Games.


I play a lot of arcade and I see more leavers in CTF than anywhere after the first cap.

It’s because of how they treat the defenders of the flag if the attacker is killed.

Other games wouldn’t let the attacks pick it back up instantly, there would have to wait a bit. Perhaps not as long as defenders but the ability to suicide touch to reset progress completely is not a thing.

And then progress wouldn’t be completely lost if the defender had to step off it but instead decay. Some games also take it a step further by not allowing a cap when your flag is taken.

This is just some standard things that are implemented to prevent some of the bs caps (and then extreme turtling) that OW allows.


Yes (according to them), which means that there are plenty of people.

There are plenty of people (again, according to Blizzard) available, long queue times for a game mode are the result of the developers making it unfun to play. Make it fun, and the people will come.


Hey Jeff - I would actually be more than thrilled if we could just make it a custom game. But the problem is that custom games aren’t supported by the matchmaker. As a result, the matches for such game modes are extremely diverse in skill, get no backfill when people leave, and take extremely long to fill up. As a result, anything outside of very niche modes like “hide and seek” or “widow headshot only” are basically guaranteed to be dead.

If there was a way to solve this problem, it would probably fix a lot of these types of complaints.


It’s not about space, it’s about queue times. If they allowed every single mode to be playable all the times then queues would be spread out much more meaning the time it takes to find a full-lobby match would be much longer.

They keep it short and simple to keep the lobbies more packed for more straight forward; fast queues.

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Fair enough, getting the flag out of the flag room is usually gonna result in a cap. I dont really have much experience with people just turtling after being ahead, and generally dont think it is the greatest strat either. Then losing 1 team fight generally means the flag is gone, if they fight in the middle still, like usual, generally need to win 2 fights in a row to grab the flag.

The amount of leavers is pretty dumb, and being down 1-0 hardly means its a loss, id agree a lot more with it being a loss back in the old ctf system, that was much worse. I still think leaver penalties need to be increased a lot in arcade.

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did you take a look at the thread about Sym and a golden glove? :sob:

They have more than enough players to keep queue times short. They are not short because the game modes are not fun. Since they are not fun, people do not play. The current systems leads to people who like CTF being left with nothing when it is gone, same with those who enjoy deathmatch and the like.

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The best defense is a good offense.

Why turtle your flag when you can spawn camp theirs :wink:

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Hey Jeff, thank you for the workshop. Its awesome. Have you guys any schedule for the social feature which got delayed from last summer a year ago?

Yea! Or at least get some kill trades in the middle, then they can only push in with say 4 ppl, while your team is about to have the other 2 respawn and have a full 6.

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That’s not the kind of space he means.

Some fight in the middle, which is definitely the superior strategy. But some also just turtle because they know how close to spawn the flag is and how easy it is to send someone to back cap the enemy team if you feel like you’re gonna lose the teamfight, not only to divide attention but because even if they die out there you’ll probably be able to daisy chain it back to your spawn.

Either makes the game after first cap to feel incredibly frustrating, and too onesided, resulting in people just leaving after the first cap.

Many games fix that problem with the solutions stated.

Also I personally think the flag should take 1 second or maybe .6 seconds to pickup. And be interruptable with stuns and boops. Would also encourage more center fights. Just because of how ridiculously fast some heroes can touch and get out of there e.g. a speedboosted hog.

The old method was far too restrictive. But it feels like they have swung too far in the other direction.

Like .6 second pickup time, progress decay, and no capping if your flag was taken would put it in line with other ctf versions.


Please explain it to me, then.

Without matchmaker support, custom games are basically as good as dead. Since all players willingly join and leave, the skill disparity can be huge. Players who leave will take a long time to backfill, which leads to lots of 5v6’s or worse, which makes things often very imbalanced. It often quickly escalates, too - 5v6 turns into 4v6 turns into 1v6 becaus the 3 stack leaves, etc. Gathering a full set of 12 players also takes a really long time for custom modes that are not very well established.

I would be thrilled if they could fix this problem so that I can play modes like mayhem and CTF regularly without waiting for the playlist, but without a matchmaker there’s really no point in even trying.

EDIT: And for the record I’ve tried this before. I’ve made a vanilla total mayhem match in the cusotm games list. After about 10 minutes without a single player joining I completely abanded the effort.


Yeah I agree. Which is why I want them to try and combine Arcade and Custom Games, perhaps turning the Arcade into an interface that applies matchmaking to the most popular Custom Games.

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I understand that mystery heroes is the most popular arcade mode. Are any of the other modes exceptionally popular? Between the different versions rotated in the FFA spot, which do people play the most?

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Oh and I forgot to mention as well - because the game mode changes owners when the original player leaves, the game modes are subject to be tweaked over time and introduce a lot of variation which deters people from playing because the game mode no longer maps to their most prefered version of it.

It’s not hard for anyone who’s played mayhem before to imagine that very quickly people will start tuning various parameters based on their own personal biases. “Oh I hate Sombra, let me just disable her. And DF’s cooldowns are now 500% instead of 25% because he’s annoying” etc etc.


You keep up that good fight Nighthawk, I’ve been pleading for ages, they don’t listen to me.