What does Overwatch have against mayhem and no limits?

In a recent video with youtuber Nateson, Jeff was there and mentioned that while he created Total Mayhem he actually hates it and if he could he’d remove it.

no limits hasn’t been on in a month.
its always duel… im so angry.

me and my friend made a plan of what to do in no limits and one month later we still can’t do it because we cant play the mode.


It changes at ~4 PM PST if memory serves, same time the “First Win of the Day” bonus resets. So if you play at night, log off, then come back on the next morning, it will still be the same thing because it hasn’t hit time to swap things up yet.

Total Mayhem was available not too long ago, I think last Friday or Saturday??? Since Baptiste was released not too long ago, we did have No Limits for an entire week when he was released, so maybe that’s why No Limits hasn’t been showing up in the arcade for awhile.

The one I haven’t seen in awhile actually is No Gravity, but I’m not a fan of that game mode so I don’t pay attention to it that much.

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It’s 4PM PST or 5PM PST depending on whether DST is active. Right now it’s currently 5PM PST.


Jeff actually said in an interview that he hates total mayhem
I agree with him actually, its an unbalanced mess.

Hi there! I think it’s awesome that you enjoy Total Mayhem so much. I am extra critical of it because I literally implemented that mode (I don’t get to do a lot of implementation on the game anymore… and I miss it!). I made the mode very early on, when our technology was nascent. We didn’t have a lot to work with and it was a very simple thing to put together. All in all, I don’t think it plays well and has a host of problems. I feel like it’s the type of mode that belongs more in Custom Game. I get that people enjoy it – and that makes me happy… but if it weren’t for it’s legacy, I would simply retire it permanently to a Custom Game mode.

Lots of people like a lot of different modes and we try to make space for as many of them as we reasonably can. Hopefully more people will go to Custom Game for these type of modes.


Welcome back friend.


Why haven’t we seen No Limits in over two weeks?

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hi jeff the guy who is a human

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Is there a reason you don’t tackle it’s issues, alongside stuff like Capture the Flag? I don’t necessarily expect it to be priority but some small changes to the rules over the course of years doesn’t seem like it should necessarily be out of reach either. Thoughts?


You have the space, you just aren’t using it. Make the icon smaller and the space between them smaller. Problem solved. If it comes to the point where there are more game modes than slots, make another page or allow infinite scroll, a la the custom game menu.


Im curious what issues you think ctf has, I play it a ton when its around, and think its pretty solid atm.

The main is how meaningless a flag captors death can often be (at least in the beginning) and also the way you can hold a flag for too long instead of capping it.

It leads to a lot of leaving.

That creates a lot of problems with queue times, though.


Well, you could create a No Limits custom game.

I dont think the death of the flag holder isnt quite impactful. Gives your team a little bit of time to catch up to the flag from spawn. I do think people griefing with the 3rd cap is a problem, but doesnt affect how the mode plays very much.

People do leave the mode a bunch, I think arcade needs much harsher leaver penalties. On pc anyways, pretty much every game people leave at some point, especially after the first cap. But I dont think that is really a ctf issue, gameplay wise anyways.

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They have “40 million players,” so that isn’t a problem.


Isn’t that just 40 million people who have bought the game? Even if you’re being sarcastic why would you want a system implimented that wouldn’t work? Just to prove a point?


Jeff, please save Overwatch, or release the WoW Classic Beta.


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