What does Ana need?

I started playing Overwatch in season 5 on PS4 and Ana’s been this low winrate trashcan for as long as I’ve played. Before you answer ask yourself this: What would actually make you pick Ana over any other healer? Personally, I think Ana needs an completely new ultimate and a self heal passive. What do you think Ana needs to be viable?

She needs a rocket powered wheel chair, i saw someone post this one day and they were absolutely right.

Self heal, maybe a new ultimate (I don’t hate her current ultimate tho, it can engage fights if your team doesn’t push) and most importantly, mobility. Idc what, but some mobility.

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Self healing for sure. There’s not really good reasons to pick her over heroes that do more healing and can heal themselves. I think the first step to fixing her is giving her self healing or shield ://

“Adrenaline Shot”. Whenever Ana receives damage and goes under 25% max health, she can automatically inject herself with an adrenaline shot, giving her 50% max health instantly. On top of that, she gets a 15% speed increase and 25% fire rate reduction for 8 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 40 seconds.

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That depends on who you are attempting to make her viable for and in what circumstances and what role you want her to have.

If they want to keep that style of a design she’s going to be a real pain to make work much of the time for many players without breaking things.

Think she could use more survivability when people dive on her. Maybe something along the lines of a melee hit from her (on cooldown) slows, damage debuffs, and finishes the cooldown on sleep dart.

Increased ability uptime.