What does a community manager do at Blizzard?

I get that the whole job description is not about posting on forums, so I am curious on how a day in the a CMs life looks like (specific to Overwatch here).

What are you actually working on and how it impacts the community?



Sits in a empty room, then leaves at the end of his shift knowing he put in a full days work.


they would manage the community but the community is unmanageable so they get paid to pretend to do something

perfect job


http s://careers.blizzard. com/gb/en/job/R013258/Overwatch-Community-Manager

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“Engage indirectly, and at times directly, in key topics of conversation within franchise owned and earned channels.”
Haha that’s interesting :male_detective:


The real question is what did the lore guy do for half a decade!


They spend a good portion of their time trying to figure out how to tell the development team that players are not happy with different aspects. They likely have reports that need to filled out. Probably several meetings to discuss what they can’t talk about yet.

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There is a massive launch coming - I’d be amazed if a lot of their time isn’t spent planning.

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Collects a paycheck, mostly.


People like WM (forum mvp) and other CMs have been critical for “guiding” the community forums and lubricating the dialog between internal (work there) vs. external (post here) viewpoints.

Since the 2010s the CM role has moved into more social media engagement, manipulation etc. Liaise with marketing for all that viral shadow hype and the like. Annoying and uncalled for honestly but w/e helps sales to an objectively lower IQ generation.

omg that guy. and right next to him 2-3 of my “friends” from WoW (talb and hoodr)


Look for people having problems and then copy past them an unhelpful bunch of nonsense that links them to a website which won’t help them just like WoW GMs.

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It’s all of Activision Blizzard. I remember during MW 2019’s peak, I saw maybe 3 posts maximum of the community manager and I was on the reddit every day and really engaged with the community of that game. I checked their Twitter and they barely said or addressed anything outside of blocking people. Infact, one of the art team members communicated more with the community on general issues than the community manager and would often comment on peoples posts trying to offer help with whatever problem they had. DICE is the same.

I get they could be gathering community feedback and relaying it to the team, but this doesn’t make sense (atleast for Blizzard) since they literally came here saying people posting here/Reddit are the minority so they don’t particularly care what we have to say.

I assume it’s this, I’d imagine they are silently taking notes on what we say in the forums, reddit, twitter, YouTube video/comments and present them to the development team. The development team themselves are probably busy solving problems we have no idea that’s going on in the background so having someone to collect player feedback is helpful.

If this is true, I wonder where they get their feedback from

some answers from the CMs themselves on subject taken from several threads

and from our newest CM (before he was):

Arranging buzzwords in various configurations, it seems.