What do you think Sym role is? 🤨

Mostly I play her as a regular DPS with annoying mini-turrets to stick on all the walls. She kind of switches as needed between land-Pharah and barrier-less Zarya.

People seem to significantly underestimate her primary fire after the recent buff. She can charge up in a few seconds with even moderately decent tracking (or just shooting a barrier) and mow people down from there.

Of course, she faces the same issues as some other damage characters, like “Why would you pick her if you could pick Hanzo instead?” and “Why would you waste a tank/support slot with a Damage character in the first place?”

By existing she provides mental illness on enemies that they just die…
But tbh when Symm is kinda pocketed and her beam is maxed out SHE GONNA DO SOME REAL DMG

I’ve generally been playing her as a utility dps, so I ‘attach’ myself to another champ to make them finish my dirty work. She works well with off tanks, but I’ve been seeing success by following other dps and making their job easier.

Granted I still feel like she needs fixes.

As a troll pick, Zarya is a much better pick. They need to change her a bit.

Defense. Doesn’t matter they removed defense category, doesn’t change her, Torb and Bastion from being defense based heroes. They are best when they are built up on a point. It makes it harder to or capture or obstruct the objective. Further these heroes almost unanimously suck when moving.

Look at Mystery heroes. Sym, Bastion and Torb are some of the strongest picks there because they can set up a point and make it almost impossible to get through an area or capture a point without dying. Since you can’t choose hero you can’t counter.

The issue is 1. Ults build fast and destroy everything, 2. With the amount of healing in the game now most tanks can just walk through the turrets with no issue, and 3. They are easily countered by a smart player.

Most responses I see " buff her damage, give her more turrets." ect same with Torb, and Bastion. Yes this would work. It would make them stronger. Problem? It would making sitting on the point with two-three shields, a mercy a moira and one-two defense heroes optimal strategy.

The issue with these heroes has always been the same. They don’t fit in OW. Defense doesn’t work in a high mobility burst damage(with Ults and such) game. Trying to balance them is like trying to balance a scale on a needle point. It’s not impossible, just near so.

Defense damage hero. Especially on certain maps, Sym can really hold her own to defend a point (ex. Watchpoint Gibraltar Point A).

I rarely use Sym on attack, but on defense she can be really strong, especially once you get her gun to charge 3. Her gun just becomes a melt machine.

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I still try to find her new playstyle honestly because 2.0 fit more to me than 3.0. I use the new turrets out of melee range but enough close to each other. Use primary to charge up on enemy barriers then aim it to the enemies. Spam secondary on chokes and splitting the main routes in half with her ult.

With a tanky shield.

tbh I think she is a bad mixture of all roles, ive said this before.

All three. My style hasn’t change since day one of release. Funny I used to be a Mccree main back in beta, but now Symmetra since release. I got more challenge out of her knowing she was the underdog of the franchise next to Bastion and Torbjorn.

She has a defensive ult, her tp is a support, her turrets are damage, her beam is almost useless, she has NO damage on demand… but shes a dps now? lol no, shes a total mess now

Sym 2.0 was not good but not for the lack of her kit it needed tweaks but it all made sense and it followed her identity now she feels soulless and they didn’t even fix her core problems.

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Third/Fourth Support hero. She needs a minimum of two healers to pocket her so she can get in close enough range to use her beam

Any one else? It’s really an important question.

Utility dps

20 characters

so just like reaper, then. :thinking:

Oh dont even Reaper has issues but he still melts most tanks, Sym is a defenseless little thing that has to attack for 4 sec to even become dangerous xD

wall summoned
probably to be an annoyance to the enemy team, probably a mix of disrupt with turret and utility with teleporter and wall

i know, right? they really need to buff her shields somehow. her squishy 200 hp was acceptable when she had her bs lock-on beam, but now it’s just unviable.

She was never played like a Support. She threw down a Support Ult and then went about DPSing.

Yes she was, she created space she protected with her barrier and her SG was one of the best support ults in the game. she was underpowered in her support role but instead of buffing that they made her a generic dps.