What do you think about the new PTR patch?


Do you like it? Disagree with something?
I honestly love everything from it. Maybe the only thing is that Zen got nerfed without any compensation but it’s still a very minor nerf and won’t change his viability.

And I thing that “heroes never die” is back


I like all the changes. They seem to be moving in a good direction


cuz dva , zen, reaper, and moira got touched too


Wow can’t believe they actually nerfed D.Va. Is it a big nerf?


and these changes were very minor so it’s impossible to be because of them


Reaper changes are not minor though. They’re pretty amazing just from reading them


no, it’s a small dmg nerf to the missles


Nope. It’s a small change to her missiles.


OK yeah, but still it’s impossible to be only from them


No, only a little nerf to the splash dmg of her rockets (from 6 to 4). That’s all.


Mei freezing everyone on point. Now a Mein.


Wish Reaper had gotten more (changes to make Shadow Step not a death sentence, mostly), also not a fan of the Mei changes since stepping in front of her primary fire is one of the only ways to keep her from freezing your team aside from boops


50% speed boost is huge for Reaper and being able to cancel. Watch out low gold, here I come!


I think that they just want to see how these changes turn and then to buff him more if needed.
The changes are really big.


I like the Reaper change even though it may be a bit too good.

D.Va…whatever, she’s still gonna remain a top pick.

Zen I disagree, although I understand the reasoning.

Mei’s change won’t help her too much I think.

I also like the double click hero icon to select hero change. Makes instalocking way easier.


I’m waiting for Brigette to get nerfed because she’s a Support and by nature, Supports get nerfed for X reason. Also waiting for Mercy to be useful again. Only good change I like is Reaper, his escape is actually worth using now.


For all the hate Blizzard gets, I think the fact that they are trying to fix Moira’s visibility issues shows how much they listen to the community. Good job Blizz.


Mostly good stuff, I question the zen nerf though, I feel they are doing this to nerf dive a little bit but zens damage isnt what makes it good it’s discord orb, but that should not be touched since thats zen’s niche. We’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out to know if it’s that big of a deal or not


I agree with this^

I like how they keep changing things up and (mostly) listening to the community… but I understand it’s their game too, and they have changes they desire as well.


Or shielding for them with a barrier. Or killing Mei. Or bubbling your teammate as Zarya. Or hitting her with a stun or other disable.

I’m sure there’s more.